Here’s a new product that grabbed our attention as the spring riding season is about to hit. While a full windshield or partial are great at keeping you safe from debris, rain, and the cold, they can also make things damn hot inside the cab when warmer weather hits. The kids at Rogue Innovations developed a solution to this problem with their Rogue Powerscreen and Bug Buster Windscreens. The microscreen attaches where a traditional windshield would but unlike glass or Lexan, it won’t scratch or hamper windflow. What’s more the design won’t create the dreaded “cab vacuum ” where dust swirls and collects inside the cab. Rogue offers the screen solution for virtually all makes of sport and utility side-by-sides at an affordable retail price ranging from $299 to $369. Here the complete official release from Rogue Innovations and to learn more visit Rogue Powersports.

Rogue Innovations, makers of the Rogue Powerscreen and Bug Buster Windscreen are excited to announce their complete line of sport and utility windscreens for UTVs.  The innovative new product serves as the only alternative to traditional windshields on the market.

Where plexiglass and Lexan windshields are prone to scratching and limit airflow, the Rogue Powerscreen (Sport Models) and Bug Buster Windscreen (Utility Models) offer an innovative solution that maintains airflow and resists scratching.  Improved airflow not only keeps the occupants cool but helps move dust and debris out of the cab where a traditional windshield creates a vacuum within the cab as air moves over and around it; trapping dust and debris inside the vehicle.

Rogue Powerscreen_RZR_ClarityWhere most standard windshields can be easily scratched by a rock or branch, Rogue Innovation’s durable UTV windscreens easily absorb and deflect debris, protecting the occupants and preserving visibility by eliminating scratches.  Because the screen is a mesh material, it provides no flat surface for dust to “settle” on, providing a clear view for the driver and mud can be easily removed with a simple “flick” of the screen.

“Airflow and scratching are the two common complaints that we hear from windshield users and that’s synonymous with our own experience,” said Mike Johnson, President of Rogue Innovations.  “We set out to create a product that improved upon those deficiencies and we believe the windscreen is the best solution for meeting the widest array of customers needs.  We’re so confident that people will love their windscreen that we offer a 30 day money back guarantee. ”

Rogue Innovations has gone to great lengths to source only high quality materials for use in the windscreens which are manufactured by hand in its Dallas Texas facility.  Heavy duty polypropylene webbing with a tensile strength of 1500 lbs provides the structure of the windscreen while durable foam neoprene with a slip resistant backing and marine grade zippers ensure the windscreen remains taut.  The mesh material itself is ultra durable, flame retardant and provides optimal clarity while also passing a 110 mph wind tunnel test.  UV resistant Gore Tenara thread holds everything together and ensures the windscreen won’t break down, even with prolonged exposure to sunlight.

Rogue Windscreens range in price from $299 to $369 and are available for a variety of models including RZR, RANGER, GENERAL, MAVERICK, DEFENDER, COMMANDER, YXZ1000R, VIKING, WOLVERINE, TERYX, MULE, MULE PRO, PIONEER, WILDCAT and PROWLER as well as John Deere and Kubota models.