Okay, we admit, a manufacturer touting a sales event and offering rebates and low interest rate financing is certainly nothing new. At any given time throughout the year, any one of the mainstream off-road builders will likely have some sort of the promotional offer available. But, when Arctic Cat gave us a look at their all-new “No Brainer” Sales Event we were dumbfounded. NB-360x330Why? Well in short the rebates and stupid big, as in thousands of dollars off on not just a few select carry-over models, but on virtually every non-current ATV and side-by-side in their line-up. Just how big you ask? Try the popular XR 700 XT ATV with electronic power steering with a whopping $4,000 rebate for a suggested retail price of only $6,499 (US)! Looking for a big, bad side-by-side. How about a Wildcat X with a massive rebate of $5,800! Surely the massive rebates from Arctic Cat speak to other bigger issues at the manufacture, notably soft sales and a large quantity of carry-over dealer inventory that they need to clear out fast. But if you’re in the market for a new ride…who cares! Check out the No Brainer link for complete details and all the rebate offers on all 2015, 2016 and 2017 models.