We all love to ride off-road and we all share the same complaint…dust! Unless you’re running up front, you have two options…hang back or battle the dust. For hardcore enthusiasts, the dust and dirt infiltrating everything including your nose, eyes, and ears is simply the price you have to pay. However, the crew at KLIM are looking to change this dirty habit with a new line of riding gear and helmet designed exclusively for dust and the side-by-side market. The Terra Firma UTV suit is a one-piece design packed with features all working together to seal out dust and dirt. Complimenting this new suit is an even more impressive helmet dubbed the R1 Air Helmet. The helmet features a fresh air intake atop the helmet affixed to a rear cargo area mounted fresh-air pump. The helmet also touts a dust skirt which attaches to the Terra Firma suit for a completely integrated and dust free riding experience. Check out the video below (along with the official release from KLIM on both products) which showcases the technology. The crew at ATV World will be putting both the Terra Firma suite and R1 Air Helmet to the test this summer…watch for a full report.

KLIM’s all-new R1 Air Fresh Air UTV Helmet puts the brakes on dust and dirt so you can stay on the gas. Developed for direct-connection to today’s best on-board fresh air pump systems, the R1 AIR Fresh Air Helmet from KLIM is the total solution to dry-condition riding comfort.

3929-000_Rally Matte White_06Engineered to supply UTV drivers and passengers with constant fresh air pressure inside the helmet system, the R1 Air Fresh Air Helmet system works tirelessly to ensure maximum comfort for the longest rides. The result is a positive air pressure environment inside the helmet system—stopping dust infiltration before it starts.

A standard 1” barbed fitting on the crown of the R1 Air easily connects to fresh air pumps and the included dust skirt attaches to the R1 Air to perfectly integrate into the KLIM Terra Firma Dust Suit.

The R1 Air’s sealed shell, optically clear face shield and integral sun visor keep your comfort levels high when you’re chasing the last bit of sunlight. The shield is Pinlock ready so you can extend your riding season without fear of fogging.

Together, the R1 AIR helmet and Terra Firma suit completely change the UTV driving experience in dusty, dry conditions, making the smiles bigger, and cleaner after every ride. Ride longer. See more. And stay cleaner in the Ultimate Fresh Air Riding Experience from KLIM.

The R1 AIR Fresh Air Helmet is DOT certified and available in Rally Matte White and Rally Matte Black in S-XXL Sizes – MSRP: $199.99

KLIM’s Terra Firma Dust Suit revolutionizes the recreational UTV market with high-performance comfort and the convenience of staying clean in all conditions. This is the ultimate performance gear for UTV drivers and riders and the best way to keep your truck clean after a ride.

3897-000_Gray_03Engineered for the dedicated weekend-warrior, the Terra Firma Dust Suit fits over clothes to provide a dirt-blocking barrier of absolute comfort. KLIM-built out of a proprietary polyester/cotton water-resistant main body fabric, the Terra Firma Dust Suit is patterned for an aggressive driving position and features intelligent stretch panels (across the shoulders and lower back) to keep you in the driver’s seat longer.  It’s packable, portable and comes with a removable driver’s-side kneepad—the perfect riding layer every time you ride.

Comfort and convenience are the keys to the Terra Firma Dust Suit’s long-term performance with full-length zippers and massive external cargo-capacity (five pockets!) Fully breathable, the Terra Firma Dust Suit also features two convenient underarm zippered vents for rapid cooling and a custom fit thanks to two waist adjusters.

All-new from the moto head minds at KLIM, the Terra Firma Dust Suite is ready to the the dust and love it. MSRP: $129.99 in sizes X to XXXL in one color.