Dillon Guido Recreational Products (DGRP) has come into the market with a new Rollable Easy Load Ramp.

The ramp features a winch point to alleviate the stress some riders have when it comes to riding their ATV up a ramp and into their truck. With this product you can slowly, and safely, winch your ATV up to the top of the ramp. This means no chance of tire spin or rolling backwards. Check out the video below that demonstrates this concept…

DGRP’S EASY LOAD 2IN1 ROLLABLE SYSTEM from Dillon Guido on Vimeo.

Here’s what Dillon from DGRP says about the product:

“Not all of us have the luxury of owning a trailer to tow our ATV or Snowmobile around with, being able to get your ATV or Snowmobile from one location to another easily can be an issue at times. DGRP has came up with a Rollable Easy Load Ramp that you can use to place your ATV or Snowmobile into the bed of your truck. You drive your ATV or Snowmobile onto the ramp and with the ball bearing 6” CASTER wheel rollers underneath, you pick up the back and push it into the bed with a teeter-totter weight distribution towards the front of the ramp that you can easily pick up from the back, you can do this by hand for your Snowmobile or with the bolt on removable winch bracket we provide for your ATV. This is a high-grade aluminum ramp that is easy to maneuver and has super-glide super-pro2 sliders. Take your ATV or Snowmobile where ever and when ever with ease, please visit us on Facebook for videos in action! If interested in our product please proceed to our website at www.dgrp.ca. Locally manufactured here proudly in Ontario, Canada.”

So there you have it, a new Rollable Easy Load Ramp from DGRP to help with your ATV transportation needs. This is definitely a product to consider if you don’t own a trailer and a truck-deck is a little too permanent for your liking.