Don’t get caught with a flat out on the trail! By using TireJect tire sealant you will save time and keep you riding on your tires longer. TireJect is easy to install and permanently seals 3/8″ punctures, slow leaks and bead leaks. With TireJects all new Mobile app, you will be able to record and monitor which tires have TireJect tire sealant and when they need to be topped up. 

Once you install TireJect tire sealant into your tires you simply record the dosage into the TireJect mobile app and they will remind you when it’s time to re-dosage your tires and ensure you are never caught with a flat tire again.


View the dosage chart and use the dosage calculator for installing TireJect tire sealant. Track dosage on your equipment and receive notifications when its time to re-dose your tires. Never forget when and what tires have TireJect tire sealant installed. Our intelligent mobile app keeps track and sends you a notification when your tires need fresh tire sealant.

 You have to remember that your tires have a tough job and a rough life. They are hammered by the terrain and worn down by friction on a good day. On a bad day they are flat from punctures or stubborn bead leaks caused by all the dirt and grime that can wedge between your tire and rim. This is where TireJect comes in for a frustration free solution to fixing and preventing flat tires.

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