By Emily Wicklund 

In August, Yamaha reveled their 2023 Proven Off-Road ATV and Side-by-Side (SxS) lineup. The 2023 lineup includes recreational side-by-sides, utility side-by-sides, utility ATVs, Sport ATVs, and Youth ATVs. Recreation to utility and everything in between, Yamaha Off-Road has a vehicle to get the job done.

2023 Recreational SxS Lineup: Wolverine RMAX2 1000, RMAX4, X2, and X4

If you need a versatile vehicle, the 2023 Wolverines are for you. Whether you need a side-by-side to explore the trails or get a job done, the Wolverine has you covered. The Wolverine is designed to be customized to any rider or terrain out there. With the option of a two-seat or four-seat configuration, 850-1000 cc engines, and different body styles, the customizable opportunities are endless. The two-seat chassis comes along with a hydraulic piston-assist dump bed perfect for outdoor yard work or hobbies. The four-seat chassis is more geared toured the adventure side of you and your group giving you the extra passenger capacity. Equipped with Fox Piggyback Shocks, the Wolverines can take on any type of soil. All Wolverines are also equipped with On-Command drive system that allows 2WD, 4WD limited slip, and 4WD full-differential lock.

Are you a more technical rider? The X2 and X4 are the side-by-sides for you. With an 847-cc twin cylinder engine and a clean sport look, the X2 and X4 850s are ready to take on the most technical trails. The 27-inch GBC Dirt Commander radial tires paired with large 207mm vented disc brakes, the traction and braking is superior. The suspension is made up of an independent double wishbone system. The anti-sway bar gives this machine the flexibility it needs for the trails with 8.7 inches of freedom in the front on both the X2 and X4 models and 9.3 inches in the rear on the X2. The X4 is equipped with a self-adjusting shock package in the rear that adapts with you as your weight load changes.

Want maximum speed on the trails? The Wolverine RMAX 1000 has you covered. Powered by a 999-cc-twin-cylinder engine, it has the capability to take on terrain of all kinds. Equipped with Yamaha’s D-Mode, where you are able to change the throttle response and engine breaking with the options of Crawl, Trail, and Sport. You can also change the shock stiffness on the fly with the Fox Intelligence Quick Switch technology. These Fox QS3 shocks have three settings, Comfort, Medium, and Firm which can be adjusted from the comfort of the driver’s seat. With the same independent double wishbone as the 850, the RMAX 1000 has 14.2 inches of travel in the front and 13.3 inches in the rear.

Wolverine R-Spec: Cyan / Yamaha Black

            X2: $15,799 MSRP

            X4: $18,399 MSRP

            RMAX2 1000: $23,999 MSRP

            RMAX4 1000: $26,399 MSRP

The Wolverine RMAX2 1000 Sport is a race-team inspired style that comes in Team Yamaha Blue.

RMAX2 1000 Sport: $25,899 MSRP

The Wolverine XT-R comes in Dessert Tan / Tactical Black with color-matched interiors. These models are also equipped with a WARN VRX 45 winch and a GPS system (Yamaha Adventure Pro) which is prewired on the X2/X4.

            X2 850 XT-R: $17,399 MSRP

            X4 850 XT-R: $19,999 MSRP

            RMAX2 1000 XT-R: $27,199 MSRP

            RMAX4 1000 XT-R: $29,199 MSRP

The Wolverine RMAX Limited Edition models come in Titan / Midnight Blue with color matched interior.

            RMAX2 1000 Limited Edition: $27,699 MSRP

            RMAX4 1000 Limited Edition: $30,399 MSRP

2023 Pure-Sport SxS Lineup: YXZ 1000R SS and YXZ 1000R

If you are looking for more of a high-performance side-by-side, the Pure Sport lineup is for you. The YXZ1000R Side-by-Sides are capable of traveling on anything from sandy dunes to rocky trails. All of the YXZ 1000R models have a 998-cc DOHC incline three-cylinder engine, five-speed transmission, On-Command drive system, and Yamaha’s exclusive torque- and speed- sensitive EPS. Non-XT-R models have 29-inch Maxxis Bighorn radial tires and all models are equipped with Fox 2.5 Podium RC2 shocks.

The YXZ1000R XTR in Desert Tan / Tactical Blue has a Yamaha Sport Shift, paddle shift with auto clutch and is equipped with a WARN winch. This model a center mounted mirror, Maxxis Carnage radial tires, and enhance underbody protection.

            YXZ1000R XTR: $24,699 MSRP

The YXZ1000 SS in Team Yamaha Blue and is all about speed. Missing the WARN winch and other utility features that the XTR has, this SxS knows one speed, fast.

            YXZ1000 SS: $21,899 MSRP

The YXZ1000R is very similar to the SS minus the clutch system; with this SxS having the manual foot clutch. Same speed and style in the classic Team Yamaha Blue, just giving you control of the clutch.

            YXZ1000R: $21,899 MSRP

2023 Utility SxS Lineup:  Viking and Viking VI

The Utility SxS lineup consists of the Viking EPS, the Viking VI EPS, and the Viking VI EPS Ranch Edition. The 700 cc engine that are delivered with these SxS’s are durable and perfect for those who need to move a crew of people. With a three-seat option (Viking EPS) or a six-seat option (Viking VI EPS and Viking VI EPS Ranch Edition) there is room for the a large group to help get the job done. All Vikings models come with Ultramatic CVT, Speed- and Torque Sensitive EPS, a 1,500-pound towing capabilities with a two-inch hitch receiver, comfortable cabin seating, On-Command three way locking differential, power steering, and independent double wishbone suspension with 8.1 travel in both the front and rear.

The Viking EPS comes in the Tactical Green color scheme coming in February 2023. It has a true three-person seating capacity with plush cabin comfort.

            Viking EPS: $15,699 MSRP

The Viking VI EPS also comes in the Tactical Green scheme coming in February. It has all the features that the Viking has but with an additional row of seating. This SxS was made for the large crew of workers with a six-person seating capacity. It also features a dumping cargo bed for easy unloading access.

            Viking VI EPS: $16,499 MSRP

The Viking VI EPS Ranch Edition comes in the limited Copper Metallic scheme coming in October 2022. This edition has all the same great features of the VI and also seats six. In addition, this SxS comes with a color matched interior, aluminum wheels, soft sunroof, rearview center mirror, over fenders, under seat storage, rear grab bar, front brush guard, and the special ranch edition badging.

            Viking VI EPS Ranch Edition: starting at $16,399 MSRP

2023 Recreational and Utility ATV Lineup:  Grizzly, Kodiak 700, and Kodiak 450

Work or play, the Grizzly and Kodiak ATV lineup has you covered. From 450cc to 700cc this line has an ATV for any job or activity. The Grizzly line is made for any adventure you and your crew can think of built to withstand the toughest conditions. The Kodiak line is ready to tackle any job that needs to be done. All Grizzly and Kodiak models come with a CVT transmission, On-Command drive, and torque speed sensitive EPS.

The Grizzly EPS that comes in both the Cyan/Yamaha Black and the Realtree Edge paint schemes, is a 700-cc class ATV that is trail ready. With 26-inch tires, 1,322 pound towing capabilities, on command 4WD, independent double wishbone 5-way suspension with 7.6 inch travel in the front and 9.1 travel in the rear, and stainless steel exhaust. This ATV is ready for any adventure.

            Grizzly EPS: starting at $11,399 MSRP

The Grizzly EPS SE has essentially the same components with a few special edition features. This ATV comes in Titian/Midnight Blue. It is also a 700-cc engine class but with 27-inch Maxxis tires.

            Grizzly EPS SE: $11,999

The Grizzly EPS XT-R edition comes in a special edition paint scheme; Desert Tan/Tactical Black with color batched wheels. The XT-R edition comes with a ARN winch and 27-inch Maxxis tires making it perfect for the most grueling adventures.

            Grizzly EPS XT-R: $12,399

The Kodiak 450 and 700 machines are all full-sized ATVs with different sized engines for different sized jobs. The 450s are good for low RMP, low noise duties while the 700 is there for those more extreme tasks. All of these models have a 1,322 towing capability and are paired with 25-inch tires.

The Kodiak 450, 450 EPS, 700, and 700 EPS all come in Tactical Green. The 450 also comes in Steel Blue and the 450 and 700 with EPS also comes in Fall Beige with RealTree Edge.

            Kodiak 450: $6,899 MSRP

            Kodiak 450 EPS: $7,999 MSRP

            Kodiak 700: $8,399 MSRP

            Kodiak 700 EPS: $9,999 MSRP

The Kodiak 450 and 700 EPS SP is dialed in with the special edition Steel Blue scheme. This ATV is equipped with the 25-inch tires with a two-inch receiver and a WARN winch.

            Kodiak 450 EPS SE: $8,299 MSRP

            Kodiak 700 EPS SE: $8,299 MSRP

2023 Sport ATV Lineup:  Raptor 700, Raptor 700R, and YFZ450R

The Sport lineup is made for those with a need for speed. Whether you are hitting a motocross track or exploring the dunes, the Raptor and YFZ lineup is for you. Made from aluminum, these machines are light yet able to withstand the weight of a motocross race.

The Raptor 700 is based on the R model and comes in Cyan/Yamaha Black. Equipped with race suspension, hybrid steel frame, aluminum subframe, and aluminum swing arm make this machine so light yet powerful with the 700-cc class engine. This machine is the most budget friendly of the lineup.

            Raptor 700: $9,399 MSRP

The Raptor 700R is available in Team Yamaha Blue and is the best-selling sport ATV of all time. Like the other Raptor 700, this ATV is equipped with Maxxis 22-inch tires in the front and 20-inch tires in the rear. The suspension on the Raptor 700R is improved with Piggyback high/low speed compression and threaded preload adjustments.

            Raptor 700R: starting at $9,999 MSRP

The Raptor 700R SE took things one step further with “add ons” and the Grey Metallic or Yamaha Black schemes. This machine has the same upgraded suspension as the Raptor 700R with the piggybacks. In addition, it has a GYTR front grab bar and GYTR footwells.

            Raptor 700R SE: $10,599 MSRP

One of the most technically advanced Sport ATV out there and raced by some of the top GNCC and ATV Pro Motocross champs, Fowler and Wienen, is the YFZ450R. This race ready ATV comes in Team Yamaha Blue (October 2022) and is ready to hit the motocross track. With a 5-speeds, multiplate assist and slipper clutch which is better for fatigue and equipped Kashima coated piggyback shocks with the same high/low speed compression. The YFZ450R is a 449-cc fuel injected engine with five titanium valves which delivers more of a “hit” feeling off idle. Lighter and faster, this machine is ready to hit the track. Sorry Californians this model is not available in your state.

            Raptor YFZ450R $10,299 MSRP

The YFZ450R SE is the same great machine as the YFZ450R but with the GYTR parts. Coming in the rigid Grey Metallic paint scheme (October 2022), this machine will always be seen. The GYTR front grab bar and GYTR footwells are only available on the special edition model. Same goes for the YZF450R is not available in the Golden State either.

            Raptor YFZ450R SE: $10,699 MSRP

2023 Youth ATV Lineup:  Grizzly 90, Raptor 90, and YFZ50

With something for everyone, there is also a youth line of ATVs. The Grizzly 90 is made for those ages 10 and up and has numerous features inspired by the full-size Grizzly ATVs including cargo racks and the same fenders. With automatic transmission (CVT), 18-inch tires, and a 90-cc class engine, this off road ATV is the perfect fit for an entry level rider. The Grizzly 90 comes in a sleek Armor Grey paint scheme.

            Grizzly 90: $3,299 MSRP

The Raptor 90 is the miniature version of the Raptor 700/450 ATVs. For ages 10 and up, this race ready ATV is made for those kids wanting to get out on a motocross track or surf the dunes. This Raptor is a 90cc-class air cooled two-valve engines with CVT and a chain drive. Equipped with drum brakes and 18-inch Duro tires, this machine is ready for the track. Built to last, the Raptor 90 has a long-life expectancy. The high fenders are just one element that was duplicated from the full-sized Raptors. This miniature Raptor comes in the classic Team Yamaha Blue or white.

            Raptor 90: $3,299 MSRP

The YFZ 50 is for the little tikes of the group. Coming in Team Yamaha Blue or White, this little ATV is created to get those ages six and up onto the track. With automatic transmission, two-stage RPM limited to adjust with the rider’s skill level, and a tether switch, this machine was meant for those just starting to race. Equipped with 16-inch tires, this machine is low to the ground and is the perfect height for the little guys and girls. Inspired by the YFZ450R, this ATV can be a great start for a future world champion.

            YFZ50: $2,299 MSRP