Company: HMF 

Product: Front and Rear Bumpers 

This month in the shop we received a set of new front and back bumpers for our awesome project RZR Turbo, and we are happier with them than a kid that just got a four-wheeler for Christmas!

Ok, we decided to go with HMF because of the remarkable reputation they have with building high-quality products and the protection their bumpers give the machine. 

First note, when we received the bumpers, we were impressed with the packaging they came in. Being carefully wrapped and even tapped at the factory there was almost no chance they would have been damaged during transportation. 

We chose the HD series front and back bumpers as we are using our RZR in Ontario, Canada and with our tighter trails, steep hills, and tree filled obstacles, we thought it would be a better option to have more protection than less. The amount of protection the bumpers give you is almost insane; these bumpers have been tested and could probably take out any tree you run into or over. Just by looking at them and feeling the product, you’d most likely be able to rescue your stuck buddy out of a mud hole and not worry about your machine itself getting scratched.  With HMF producing a variety of models and with tons of different colors to choose from, you can find the perfect bumper to fit the style you are wanting and need.

Install process

Installing the bumpers was easy and with the clear instructions, we had the bumpers installed in just over an hour. We will admit, it could have been quicker if the drill bits were in the right spots. HMF made it stress-free being almost straight plug and play. With only having to put the 2 upper extension arms on the rear bumper and with only needing to drill 2 holes for the rear bumper we had a pretty good handle on it. 

We’ll go on the record in saying this is almost something anyone can do on their front lawn that has wrenches, a drill, and some free time. 

With drilling the two holes for the rear there were already holes punched out on the front of the RZR, so all we needed to do is put the drill bit in and punch out the other sides so the bolt could go all the way through the frame.

For the front bumper it was even easier! It was a straight bolt on, and the only problem we had was getting the top to adjust so it was level on the machine. Saying this once you are aware of it, it can be a pretty easy fix. 

Tips and Tricks 

There really is no tips or tricks to share as these bumpers are straight forward thinking for an instal, but some things we will say are, do not tighten the bolts all the way when mounting the bumpers until the end and leave a little adjusting room as it may bring you more hassle when trying to get the last few bolts in.  Also, you would probably want dry ground when doing it as you will need to lay on the ground to put the lower bolts in. Oh, and have a buddy or neighbor come by to watch, so you can brag about how easy it was. 


The HD series bumper gives you near-perfect coverage for your side-by-side as it covers all the internals like the radiator, lights, and the winch. For the rear, it provides great protection of the light exhaust, shocks, back body panels, and other components that may get hit when in the trail. The HMF HD bumpers are the bumpers to get if you like to hit trees. One thing we really liked about the bumper and needs a mention is it did not block out the grill light inserts that are found on the newer RZR’s.

Recommendations… Check them out for yourself!

If you’re looking for a set of bumpers for your vehicle, make sure to check out They also have full install videos of their products on their website and take pride in their customer service.