Trailside Savior

Safety wire and bailing wire are a must have in any tool kit, both on board and in the trailer. With a little ingenuity, we were able to get Wes Miller to the finish line of the Baja 500 with a sheared off alternator bolt.

Million Dollar Difference

If you wear an automotive style UTV helmet with a face shield, the one downfall is the lack of a sun visor. When staring into the rising or setting sun, you can make a great visor improvement with just a few inches of electrical or masking tape. Companies like PCI or Rugged Radios have been using this method with their decals for years, but some tape will do wonders in a pinch.

Taper Lock  


Your ATV or SxS flywheel taper locks to the crankshaft, the keyway is merely to align for TDC ignition, and the taper requires an impact from a hard torque i.e. an impact gun to lock it in place, not a ratchet etc.

Simply Snug It

The big aftermarket anti-fade locknuts used on Honda style axles are designed to be run just snug, and then pinch bolted in place. They are supplied with a short tightening tool to avoid over-tightening and damaging axle carrier bearings.