With UTV’s getting longer and longer every year, we are always looking for a couple extra feet of trailer space. This genius flip-up ramp idea can add an easy two foot of UTV hauling space to your existing trailer. The ramps can either hinge on the trailer deck to lie flat when not in use, or be pinned on and removed when not needed.



In addition to the front ramps, a fold down tailgate can give you another foot or so of hauling space. You can use bolt on plates as shown, or heavy chain to support it. We recommend backing the rear UTV on to lighten the load a little. Combined with the front ramp set up, we can comfortably haul two four seat UTV’s on what started as a 20 foot tailer.



Torque marking every important bolt with a paint pen is a simple, yet effective way to be confident in your race prep. A quick glance can reassure you that everything is still tight and won’t be causing you issues anytime soon. Think suspension bolts, motor mounts, brake bolts, etc.




The SB Particle Separator allowed this racer to finish the Baja 1000 on the same air filter. The particle separator uses vortex tubes to separate dirt from the air before delivering it to the factory airbox. They claim to remove 94% of the dirt before it reaches the air filter. An average UTV user should get more than a year out of a stock air filter with one of these installed, saving both time and money.