.Maxxis BigHorn Radial

For the riders who plan to ride the rough rocky terrain, desert, sand, and soft terrain, but also wants a smooth ride on the hard pack trails, check out the Maxxis BigHorn Radial Tires. Maxxis added larger lugs to the edge of the sidewalls for extra protection for your rims and with its larger more aggressive tread pattern you will notice an improvement in traction, quality, and comfort. The BigHorn Radial tires also comes with raised white lettering that stands out from the rest of the pack and is available from size 26” to 30”.
Check out www.maxxis.com for your size and specifications.

Baker’s Performance Dual Exhaust System

Wake up your Polaris RZR 900 with a set of Baker’s Performance Dual exhaust. Baker’s Performance Dual Exhaust System will add 5-7 horsepower (10-14%) gain to your RZR 900 while also enhancing over-rev, and improvements in the higher rpm ranges. The mufflers are constructed with 6061 aircraft aluminium skin with 6061 billet machined end-caps, piping is constructed with 304 stainless steel, giving your machine a clean and sharp look. No modifications needed for installation of the Barkers Performance Dual Exhaust system for your Polaris RZR 900. More details at www.bakersexhaust.com

Clutch Calibration Kit

Just purchased a new set of 30-32” tires for your Polaris RZR XP S 900?  GBoost has the cure to keep your machine running at peak performance with the larger tires.  GBoosts Clutch Calibration kit eliminates harsh engagement of the clutch, belt slippage, and increases both bottom end torque and low-end smoothness. You will notice an improved back shift/down shift and at lower speeds the machine is more driver friendly.  The Clutch Calibration Kit for your Polaris RZR XP S 900 includes drive belt, bushed weights, drive spring, driven spring, and helix. Head over to www.gboosttechnology.com for further details. 

Differential Bearing & Seal Kits

Have you been putting a beating on your ATV over the past few years? Now is the time to do a little maintenance and up keep on your machine so you can keep riding it for years to come. East Lake Axle has Front and Rear Differential Bearing & Seal Kits for a wide range of ATV’s and Side-by-Sides.  East Lakes Axles Differential Kits are a complete OEM replacement bearing and seal kit, just head over to East Lake Axles website to find the right Differential Kit for your machine today. And don’t forget to check out there axles while you’re at it www.eastlakeaxles.com

Mud Predator Tire

Just as a kid when you see the mud puddle…. you just have to jump into it; well things haven’t changed as the years go on now it’s just with your ride. Get out of any muddy situation smoothly and easy with Kimpex’s Mud Preadator Tire. The Mud Predator Tire has a directional tread pattern that is designed with deeper and wider bars that give you better control on rough terrain or through the mud with its spaced out tread bars. The widely spaced tread bars also provide self- cleaning keeping the mud from building up. Check out www.kimpex.com for the Mud Predator Tire

175L Cargo UTV Box Rear

Keep the essentials safe and secure in the back of your Side-by-Side with Kimpex’s 175L Cargo UTV Box.  Kimpex’s 175L Cargo UTV box is a weather sealed storage compartment that includes a padlock rubber latch and extra storage on the lid; objects can be secured with a bungee cord to the top of the Cargo UTV Box. Dimension are 28 ¼” x 40 ½” x 15 ½” giving you the ability to take a variety of items with you on the trail or even a lunch for you and your loved ones.  Further details at www.kimpex.com.

Ultimax XP Belts

Get superior performance out of your machine with Ultimax XP Belts by Timken. Ultimax’s XP belts are designed for modern high performance vehicles and are backed by a 3-year warranty. The XP Belt is designed to provide better consistency and great resistance to cracking because of its high temperature rubber compound.  Ultimax belts has a formulated rubber compound that is engineered for added strength, reliability, and extreme performance that is found in no other ATV/UTV belt, which is why they stand out from the rest.  If it can handle the brutality from top race machines than it can handle what you put it through out on the trails.  Further details on Ultimax XP Belts by Timken at www.ultimaxbelts.com

Hopson Tire Plug Repair Kit

Don’t be caught out on a ride with out a tire repair kit, it does happen from time to time. The Hopson Tire Plug Repair Kit includes a soft pistol handle spiral tool, pistol handle insert tool, 12ml rubber cement, and 4” rubber string. This is an all-in-one tire repair kit, which can easily fit in any storage compartment and will help you get home safe and sound after a puncture.  Purchase the Hopson Tire plug Repair kit at www.kimpex.com

Aquamaster Breathable Waders

Are you the type of rider that likes to ride in the mud and swampy condition, well why not remain dry and comfortable while doing it. The FinnTrail Aquamaster Breathable Waders are a durable 4-layer laminated fabric with durable Hard-TEX membrane and is reinforced in vulnerable places by an extra strong 5-layered fabric. Waders are a style of waterproof gear designed to allow you to stand in water to the level of the chest while remaining dry and mobile. Protect yourself from mud and water! Ride the mud and love it! For more information visit www.finntrail.com

Scott Prospect Goggles

Goggles have come along way over the years and the Scott goggles are among the ones who keep adding new features to make the riding experience that much better. The Scott Prospect goggles has a larger lens height to provide the rider with maximum field of vision. Not only do these goggles interchange, Scott providing a clear and chrome lens, but they also have a lens lock system that helps keep the lens in the goggle, no matter what impact is coming from the outside. To prevent the goggles from slipping on the back of the helmet they integrated a no-slip silicone strap to provide extra adhesion.  More details at www.motovan.com

HMF Gen 3/3.5 Optimizer

Purchased an HMF exhaust and loving that sound? Well why not add HMF’s Gen 3/3.5 Optimizer to go with it. This is a pre-programmed tuning system that provides the best setting for your HMF exhaust. It has a push button interface, plug and play installations, full range of tuning, and does not need a CPU or Dyno. To go with its easy installation is its ability to mount virtually anywhere and is waterproof. Go to www.hmfracing.com and purchase the Gen3/3.5 Optimizer today!

Pro HD Winch

We all know that April showers brings May flowers, but for us ATV’rs we start thinking of the mud holes that are starting to form during that time. Taking your ATV/UTV into the mud is always a blast but getting stuck is the worst. Unless you have Polaris’s Pro HD Winch with its all-new Rapid Rope Recovery feature. This is an industry first Rapid Rope Recovery system that re-spools five times faster, getting you out quicker than before. Polaris Pro HD Winch’s are available in 3,000, 4,500, and 6,000 pound ratings that feature wireless remote, auto stop, 50 foot premium synthetic rope, sealed magnet motor, and cut steel gears. More information at www.polaris.com/winches