Pro Set Up’s With CST Tire’s Beau Baron

Beau Baron is without a doubt, the winningest ATV rider on the West Coast, and it’s no accident. He’s super talented, trains like a madman, and knows what it takes to win races. He also seems to know a thing or two about setting up a wining quad. We asked for the inside scoop on his WORCS Racing set-up, and this is what we got.


An hour of off-road racing is a long time; a Precision Racing Products steering damper is the key to being able to turn it on in those final laps. It literally soaks up the abrupt hits that your forearms and upper body would otherwise be taking. There are many different steering dampers, but this one is the best!


Protection means a lot in endurance racing, but when trying to go fast, ground clearance is also a key factor. Without a chain and sprocket, you’re not going anywhere. A solid aluminum rear sprocket wheel will protect your sprocket without robbing massive ground clearance, like a conventional skid plate.


An hour is also a long time to be hammering on a clutch. The quick-adjust WORKS Connection clutch perch allows Beau to easily loosen up his clutch cable on the fly, avoiding slippage as it tightens during the race. They also feature Deleon bushings that allow it to slip under crash-impact versus breaking.


Running the IMS dry-break breather hose in a loop around the steering stem will eliminate spillage from sloshing while the tank is full, and will also keep the fuel in the tank, should it find itself upside down. A little extra gas related fire insurance can also go a long way.


Beau has been running Fasst Company’s Flexx Handlebar system since the beginning of his ATV career. The rubber elastomers soak up initial hits before your forearms, and we will take any help we can get when fighting arm pump in an hour long, off-road race.