Company: Mad Ramps

Product:  Pivoting Ramp System

This month at the shop ATV World got the chance to test out a MR 2,000 Mad Ramp and boy are they cool.  With the 2,000 standing for 2,000lbs it is more of the heavy duty as they also have a M.R 1,400 withstanding a vehicle up to 1,400 lbs. This ramp system changes the way we thought about ramps and has been one of the most practical systems we have seen in a while.

            Mad ramp has designed the perfect ramp system for a regular sized truck to hold a four-wheeler or even a smaller width side by side within 64inch (depending on truck). Their ramp system goes into the trucks trailer hitch and has pivoting ramps where you drive up and with the weight of the four-wheeler it pivots the ramps forward locking your back tires into place. Once this is done the leaver is pulled on the side and the access ramp retracts underneath itself and the truck for safe transportation. This ramp system is almost 100% safe as there is no slippage or doesn’t move when climbing the ramp.

How it works

This ramp system works mostly with the weight of your machine and is painless to use as the ramps are easily adjusted for different vehicle widths. At first it may be a little hard to get the concept but after 2-3 times up and down anyone could be confident using this set up. With securely locking your back tires there is no slip and no wiggle driving down the road.

This ramp system pivots when the weight of the four-wheeler is in the bed of the truck and wedges the back tires between the tire mounts it self and holds most of the weight off the tail gate witch gives you close to half of your back bed for a stuff like tool box in the front or room for gas tanks and gear. This can be a huge advantage if you trailer to your destinations, as you do not have to put stuff in the cab of your truck because you don’t have room in your box.

The slick design

This ramp system is effortless and takes all the stress out that is brought when people think of ramps and pickup trucks. With the mad ramp systems locking pins in the extendable parts of the ramp witch works very well when loading as there is no loud crash when the machine locks into place in the bed of the truck. With integrated running and brake lights the Mad Ramp makes you highly visible from behind for others to see and is out of the way to avoid damages when backing up or from tree branches coming up and hitting it. The Mad Ramp system is Made out of aluminum and heavy duty steal. this ramps system hold up to outside elements and is extremely durable. 

Trailer vs mad Ramp?

If you mainly ride by yourself with a pick up and a trailer carrying a atv or smaller side by side the mad ramp system would be a great switch because

A lot of people would not really compare throwing an atv in the back of a truck vs a trailer but the mad ramp makes these two very comparable as they work a lot alike a trailer with had ramps design and how safe it feels to drive a vehicle into the back of a truck.  Giving almost full access to your bed with the vehicle sitting mostly on the ramp and rear of the truck you have a lot more monervorbility when in tight spots and a lot less maintance vs dealing with a trailer. With a trailer people have to worry about insurance, mainance and storage. With the mad ramp system you don’t have to worry about any of that as there is no need for insurance and alot less maintance then a trailer and with their easy storage rack when not in use the mad ramp can hang on the wall out of the way. Also, the Mad Ramp system has been DOT approved all across the united state making it safe on the road.

Back To The Roots

Mad Ramps stated off as a family owned company in Iowa who wanted a smarter way to tow their four-wheeler around their family owned farm without using a trailer.  As they still needed to use the bed of their trucks for tool boxes accessory gas tanks and for other farm so they came up with the system they have today. Since the first prototype in 2007 they have done their research and have done enough testing to work out the kinks the system.

Learn More

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