With the likelihood of having to change a clutch belt mid race, we’ve seen nearly every serious UTV racer building some sort of pin-on clutch cover set-up or at least only running only a few of the bolts. We found these guys on Instagram selling a quick and easy way for the racer, or even the average trail guy to run this set up as well.



Only second to the helmet, a fire extinguisher is the number one piece of safety equipment you should have with your UTV. Make sure it’s securely mounted with a quick release type mount, make sure it’s fully charged, and if at all possible mount one in the cab as well as outside. Whether it’s your rig, or someone else’s, it’s alway’s better to be over prepared than underprepared.



Most serious racer’s are installing Safecraft Fire Suppression systems on their race cars. Some race organizations are even requiring it, but it’s really a no-brainer for safety with the speeds we are seeing, and also cheap insurance with the amount of money most racers have invested in today’s race UTV’s.



We ran into an issue where both the Lawrence GPS and the COMLINK intercom were designed to use the center smartphone holder/glove box for mounting. We simply drilled a few holes through the top of the intercom mount and into the bottom of the dash. Then used six of the Polaris push rivets to attach them.