Who doesn’t like some kick-butt bling for their buggy.  After all,  nothing says I’m the king of the trail more than a pimped ride, even if your Dad is making the payments. When we want to pimp our rollers, the crew from STI Tire and Wheel usually has some killer hunk of aluminum that will do the trick. Next time we need to sex up our rig we may have to try a set of these new HD5 Beadlock units. Here’s what the STI crew had to say about the spinners in their “official” release. Pimp on…

With striking new style and beefed up beadlock hardware, the new HD5 Beadlock wheels from STI Tire & Wheel combine aggressive appeal with proven performance to fit the needs of today’s large-bore UTVs.

The HD5 Beadlock wheels are manufactured with a 5+2 offset for optimized handling, and to help 50-inch wide UTVs maintain their trail stance. Heavy-duty beadlock rings are secured with larger, reinforced hardware to deliver increased tire-clamping pressure for the ultimate beadlock security.

“The HD5 is our most innovative and stylish wheel yet,” said STI’s Jamie Chisholm. “And like all STI HD Alloy wheels, it’s manufactured to exceed expectations for enthusiasts who want durability, performance and great style.”

Part of STI’s HD Alloy family, these new wheels feature a reinforced inner bead lip to maintain wheel strength, and they’re available in two durable finish options: Gun Metal Grey and Matte Black. The HD5 is available in 14×7 sizing to fit the leading powersports vehicles. To help owners customize the style, STI beadlock rings are available in 9 machine-matching colors, including orange, yellow, green, red, blue, black, grey and special bright Candy Red and Candy Blue. Raw-finish rings are also available for special customizing.

The new STI HD5 Beadlock wheels and color rings are distributed by MTA Distributing to UTV & ATV dealers nationwide.