Every spring as the snow melts and our trails start to reappear, it seems like almost a race to switch over from our snow toys to the Off-Road ones. Our favorite ATVs and SxS’s have been banished to the garage and we can’t wait to get them back out into their element. These early season trails are often wet and muddy, but we all know that is half the reason were out there.


The guys and gals at UTV Canada are avid off-roaders and they truly understand the importance of getting in those early season rides. In fact, their latest build has been designed for exactly that. They wanted a trail friendly UTV, one that is comfortable for long rides, ready for slick and muddy trails, and had good rider protection to keep its occupants reasonably clean.

The machine choice was easy; the new Wildcat Sport Limited EPS comes stock with excellent suspension, full coverage aluminum doors, and a really impressive motor. The 60+ HP motor transfers power through Team Rapid Response clutches and then offers a true, manual differential lock for extremely tough driving situations like deep mud or rocky hill climbs.

With quite possibly the perfect starting point, it was just a matter of carefully choosing the right accessories to turn the Wildcat Sport into the ultimate trail machine. The Sport limited needs no help in the suspension department as it comes with top of the line, fully adjustable Stage 5 ELKA shocks on all four corners. A lot of R&D went into these shocks before the Wildcat’s release, and they are not a cheapened down, budget version, they are the real thing and work very well.

UTV Canada started with a few aluminum Arctic Cat accessories like the roof, and front & rear bumpers. The reasonably light-weight bumpers protect the radiator, lights, and bed from collision damage with trees, brush, and other vehicles, etc. The roof is a no brainer as it shelters you from the sun as well as any unexpected precipitation. Arctic Cat also supplied a handy, weather resistant storage bag that mounts between the seats for additional necessity storage.

FrontArmsSurviving Canada’s trail system can often require some serious undercarriage protection. UTV Canada installed a full set of heavy duty UHMW skid plates and front and rear A-Arm guards. The super durable, plastic like UHMW is nearly unbreakable, and it really helps the vehicle slide over obstacles instead of sticking and dragging. The Trail Armor set is even color accented to add a little style to whatever machine you’re protecting.


As many of these trails can put you in the driver’s seat for hours at a time, the Wildcat’s interior was a major focus for the build. The stock seats and belts were ditched in favor of PRP’s Trail GT SE seats. The super comfortable PRP seats offer much better containment, adjustable sliders, seat drains, and custom embroidery options. UTV Canada opts to have their cool looking maple leaf logo embroidered in yellow and white. PRP’s auto latch 4-point safety harnesses were chosen for increased safety and comfort, without the nuisance of having to constantly buckle into a race type harness.


While out on the trail, quality tunes are ever important. UTV Canada looks to SSV WORKS for the ultimate in custom UTV stereo systems and solutions. SSV has vehicle specific kits for nearly every model SxS, and the Wildcat sport is no exception. SSV makes an all inclusive, bolt-in, overhead Bluetooth audio system. The weatherproof system includes four 6.5, 2-way speakers, and installs in minutes with a simple two wire hook up. With kick ass tunes, you gotta have some bass; SSV also supplied a custom fit fiberglass enclosure and a ten inch subwoofer.

Larger, and way more aggressive tires were needed for the mud pits and wet trail conditions. UTV Canada turns to Colorado Components and Motosports Alloys for extremely lug, 28-10-14 EFX Moto Boss tires that feature impressive clean out ability to go alongside the massive forward traction. Fourteen inch M16 Vice beadlock wheels allow for extremely low operating pressures without the chance of de-beading from the rim.Wheels

A slip-on stainless steel exhaust system from Muzzys is coupled with a fuel controller to provide proper jetting and squeeze out a little extra power. An awesome sounding, telltale exhaust note is another Muzzy advantage. An EPI Performance clutch kit and secondary spring is used to re-clutch the Wildcat to properly match the larger tires for optimum performance.

While nobody wants to think about getting stuck, having a winch to recover your buddies that didn’t make it across that big mud pit can be a lifesaver. A KFI Products SE35 Stealth winch was chosen for the front of UTV Canada’s Wildcat. The synthetic rope won’t give you slivers or scratch your machine, and the 3500-pound rating should be able to pull out even the stuckest of machines.

LightBarThe build was capped off with a Direction 2 Half Windshield for wind deflection and increased cabin comfort. Breakaway side mirrors for seeing who’s in your dust, and a Rigid Industries 30” SR LED Light bar for those times when there’s just not enough hours of sunlight in the day.

The UTV Canada Wildcat build was a total success, you might even run into it on a trail near you. If your UTV could use any of these same mods or accessories, all it takes is a call. If there is an accessory you desire, these guys are the one stop shop for all things UTV in Canada.

www.utvcanada.com or call them at 780-986-8001