Honda dealerships in the United States can expect to see two new special edition Talons and Pioneer side-by-sides on their showroom floors this year. The four new models are the Talon 1000R SE, the Talon 1000X-4 SE and the Pioneer 1000 E and 1000-5SE.

These four new models all come already equipped with popular accessories which prior to the release of these new models, Honda customers usually would have installed before leaving the dealership. These new trim levels add value by saving the consumer money and improving comfort and add to the convenience of having everything already installed on delivery.

These new trims also come with the exclusive Viper Urban Camo graphics, made possible through a special collaboration with TrueTimber that for the hardcore, loud and proud Honda owner there is also a matching clothing collection.

“As well as Honda’s Talon and Pioneer 1000 perform, there are some drivers who demand even more, and they typically pursue that edge through accessories,” said Brandon Wilson, Manager of Advertising, Sports and Experiential at American Honda. “We’re pleased to help those customers extend their adventures, while also saving money and time. These Special Edition versions of our flagship side-by-sides are already outfitted with components that previously could only be added after the initial purchase. The icing on the cake comes in the form of striking Viper Urban Camo graphics, which ensure these Special Editions look the part.”

Look for the new SE versions of the Talon 1000 and Pioneer 1000 to be available through your American Honda dealers in summer of 2021.

2021 TALON 1000R SE / TALON 1000X-4 SE

These Talons were specifically designed with off-road enthusiasts in mind, the Talon 1000 platform is a fusion of Honda’s experience in two and four-wheel design and racing, pushing the Talon to one of the best production sport side-by-sides on the market. Many Talon customers choose to better their rides by modifying their Side-by-Sides with factory accessories to improve performance and style. These new special edition models of the 1000R two-seat and 1000X-4 four-seater equipped with a ton of accessories such as a front bumper, a winch kit, vented windscreen, light assembly, rear-view mirror and door lowers, adding real value and convenience to an already capable machine. Your color option is “Viper Urban Camo”. Suggest retail is set at $26,099US for the Talon 1000R SE and $26,999 for the Talon 1000X-4 SE.

2021 Honda Pioneer 1000 SE

2021 PIONEER 1000 SE / PIONEER 1000-5 SE

When it comes to a multipurpose side-by-side, Honda’s Pioneer 1000 is a popular option for work or play, blending comfort, handling and hauling with user-friendly features like an automatic six-speed Dual Clutch Transmission. Just like Talon owners, Pioneer owners always choose to equip their Pioneers with accessories after the initial purchase. The new SE line-ups which are offered in both the three and five-seat versions of the Pioneer 1000, added accessories include a roof, windscreen, fender flares, winch kit, rear-view mirror and LED light bar. Similar to the Talon special editions the color options are “Viper Urban Camo”. Suggest retail is set at $21,999 US for the Pioneer 1000 SE and $23,999 for the Pioneer-5 SE.

2021 Honda Pioneer 1000-5 SE