Seems we can’t turn on our damn glowing desktop boxes anymore without another Polaris off-road press release hitting our inbox. In fact it just happened again at the start of this week as the big P claimed some more hardware in WORCS, GNCC, and TORN race series (does anyone even know what those acronyms stand for)? Taking place at world renowned and prestigious racing locations such as the Ridgecrest Fairgrounds (notice the capital letters), dudes like Beau Baron, Chris Robinson, and Michael Swift took home podium honors piloting the RZR XP 1000 and new Scrambler XP 1000 respectively. While few “average” consumers may be watching (or care for that matter), the race wins has been keeping the writers at Polaris busy and giving the off-road giant plenty to talk about between new product introductions.

PHOTO: Dig the bitchin shot of Chris Robinson ripping it up at the TORN Round 4 action on his big bore Scrambler XP 1000.