Trailer lowered 2

Trailer Lowered

Trailer level

Trailer Raised and Level – 15″ of Travel!

We at ATV World are always on the lookout for cool new stuff, so when we came across an ATV/UTV trailer that was inspired by desert racing, trophy truck suspension, we had to have a look.  This ATV/UTV Trailer from Black Gear Products is fully road legal and comes equipped with Fox Performance series 2.0 shocks and dual independent trailing arms with air bags. All that engineering gives the trailer 15” of suspension travel and 15” of ground clearance.  The trailer has an onboard refillable air tank that raises and lowers the air bags, and is fully auto-leveling which provides your cargo with the smoothest ride out on the trails.  Stay tuned as we just got our demo unit, and we will fill you in with more details in the next month! Check out this video!