Spring is here and if you like to do more than just play in the dirt, our pals at Kolpin reminded us this past month that they have the tools and equipment to work in the dirt as well. With a large assortment of tools designed for an ATV or UTV, the equipment is ideal for establishing food plots, improving your lawn, creating a garden, and much more. Their lineup includes a disc plow, cultivator, landscape rake, chisel plow, blades, and a line of versatile hitches. Here are just a few that we have our eye on this spring to get our Polaris Ranger outfitted for a day in the field as we prepare a wildlife food plot at our Midwest hunting retreat.

  • Three-Point Hitch
    Category ‘0’ 3-point hitch with a 20” draw-bar spacing width and 5/8” diameter hitch pins
    Heavy-duty 1-1/2” square tubing mainframe for use on ATVs or UTVs
    Fits any 2” automotive style receiver hitch
    12v electric actuator lift system with 20 amp maximum current draw
    250 lb. lift capacity at the tool bar with 300 lbs. down pressure capacity
    15” vertical lift at the toolbar
  • Accessory Bars (48” for ATV / 60” for UTV)
    Category ‘0’, 5/8” hitch pins with 20” spacing
    Allows a quick change from one implement to another
    Required to use with any Kolpin DirtWorks Implements
  • Disc Plow
    Kolpin’s bestselling implement featuring 8 discs with 5 adjustable cutting angles to accommodate different soil types and conditions
  • Landscape Rake
    Three-position angling to prepare food plot soil, clear trails, groom horse corrals, or maintain your gravel driveway
    21 – 1 5/16” hardened landscape rake tines and a big job capable 60” width
  • Chisel Plow/Scarifier
    This implement features two applications in one as it can be used as a scarifier or chisel plow
    Hardened steel plow teeth loosen hard packed surfaces such as driveways, sand trails, or can be used to cut into hard, solid sod.
    Adjustable blade height for specific ground type and extra clearance during transportation
    Features six (6) heavy-duty, hardened steel plow teethDSC00257