Maxilla Plus

Need a more aggressive lug to go through the muddy trails or just like the aggressive look, Check out Maxxis Maxilla Plus tire. Featuring a more aggressive tread design giving you deeper lugs, special cone knob that helps expel mud, and longer pitches for increased performance and traction while riding on the swampy terrain.  To find the right tire size for your ATV or UTV head over to


Everyone always needs a helping hand, especially on the muddy days or just when your buddy thinks he can cross the swampy creek.  Make towing easy with TigerTail’s high quality UTV/ATV retractable 12 foot towrope, with a break strength of 12,000 lbs.  TigerTail mounts to your hitch for easy installation, with no wires or electrical parts, its retractable design provides a quick, easy, and clean use for towing out your fellow rider. TigerTail is designed with a fully sealed and lubricated mechanism that has been tested over 14,000 cycles. Purchase your TigerTail today at