Miller’s Material Lift

This material lift that Cody Miller uses at the GNCC Series is absolutely ingenious. They are portable, reasonably priced, and can provide excellent, safe access to the bottom of
your UTV.

AWESOME Controller 

Allen Knowles from CT Racing turned us on to this really cool switch console from Lazer Star. A single mount with touch buttons that light when activated, instead of cutting multiple holes for multiple toggle switches. Will work on any UTV.

Adding Airflow & Saving Belts

Of all the big money mods on Beau Barons race RZR, he claims this 40 dollars at the hardware store has beenthe most effective at lowering his belt temp and finishingendurance races on the same belt.

Ratchet For The Squeeze

We can’t count how many times we’ve needed just another couple inches to get our UTVs into a narrow trailer, or even a pickup bed. If you use a jack to lift your car to full suspension droop, the tires will be 3-4 inches narrower than they are at stock ride height. With the car lifted on the jack, use a HD ratchet strap to essentially tie the A arms together. This works in the rear with trailing arms or A arms as well, you just have to carefully place the tie down hooks.