After the incredibly cold winter we had, cooped up inside the cab of our General of Winter build, when the calendar flipped to March and we saw the Texas Mud Nationals on the calendar, there was no doubt in our mind. We booked our flights down to Texas, and wandered over to Jacksonville to take a look at this one of a kind event. It had been a few years since we had the chance to check out the custom bikes roaming the hills of Mud Creek Off Road Park, and needless to say, we certainly weren’t disappointed.


Taps on taps on taps; we’re sure these “Unlimited Daily Refills” didn’t go unused, with the sun beating down throughout the week.

The Polaris crew had a full model lineup on hand for attendees to drool over, including the all-new Dynamix equipped RZR and the RS1.

Bigger is always better right? We’re sure there’s a ladder in the bed, or at least a step stool.


If you find yourself without a snorkel kit down here, you’d seriously regret it.


Tall, skinny mud wheels are the industry standard weapons of choice for tackling the deep stuff.


It didn’t take long for anyone lacking a winch or a TigerTail to find themselves over at the KFI booth.


The High Lifter crew goes above beyond, coordinating this unique event.

We’re firm believers that all corporate bikes should have free, product launching Gatling guns affixed to their beds.

MSA Off Road seemed to have wheel kits on the majority of the show and shine entries, and looking at these wheels, you can see why.

This ATV Lyfe build wasn’t hard on the eyes, as it made its first event debut.

It took three bikes and a broken driveshaft before this tracked Pioneer 1000 was unglued from this mud hole.

Yup… that pretty much sums it up!

A steady stream of bikes rolling towards the mud pits.

Flatbed trailers were typical to accommodate lifted and widened mud machines.

Of course the amphibious ARGO drove circles around any of its mud pit challengers.

Custom interiors with enough speakers to blow the roof clean off this ride

The show and shine stage is set, and the models are patiently waiting to roll down the runway.

Forget your waders? Break an axle? Don’t worry, the vendors here have you covered.