One of the best things about ripping down a trail with a side-by-side is the ability to bring the good stuff with you. With lots of storage options available no matter what brand you pilot, there’s nothing holding you back except your imagination. We took a ride this past fall when Polaris launched their new General and each vehicle was outfitted with a smattering of new Polaris accessories. We especially liked the new Northstar cooler that could be strapped down securely and kept our fave beverages and snack cold and ready to be enjoyed when the time was right. Great for on the trail or even camping, we immediately ordered up one for our test General for a summer of fun and hydration. Available in 30 quart and 60 quart sizes, they are ideal for hunting or camping. Here are the details on the new cooler direct form the big P accessory team.

  • Purpose built for your Polaris. Molded in heavy duty strap locations make Polaris Northstar Coolers your perfect riding companion.
  • Aluminum pin latches and hinges for long lasting durability, and a secure locking lid will keep out animals like bears and raccoons
  • Premium 2-inch thick insulation delivers extreme ice retention for long-lasting cooling performance versus standard coolers
  • Standard drain plug and nylon carry handles allows you to use the cooler both on the vehicle and off
  • IGBC Certified Bear-Resistant
  • Holds Ice 36.7 Hours longer than a Yeti