Get ready to start snapping shots on the trail for ATV World Magazine’s new segment, Dude I’m Stuck, presented by KFI Products. The story behind this segment is simple; we know you are an A-grade rider, but  your riding buddies…well that’s another story. They seem like they’re always getting stuck and ruining your professional image. Now it’s payback time.

Catch a few pictures or a video of your buddies getting winched, pushed, or pulled out and your picture might wind up in the pages of ATV World Magazine or online at atvworldmag.com as part of our “Dude I’m Stuck” series.

Your buddy might be embarrassed, bit rest assured we will all be laughing at his misfortune…especially you. With you submission you will entered into a drawing for a chance to win a KFI SE45 Stealth winch. ATV World Magazine, Outback Publishing Canada Inc., KFI Products, RKP Inc., and any other affiliate companies, require no one submit any pictures or videos of themselves or others performing any dangerous or illegal activities, they will not be considered or entered. In addition all riders must be wearing a helmet.

Here’s how to get involved. Just send us a photo of yourself or a friend getting stuck to [email protected], and give us a little background on where you were and how you managed to get yourself stuck. In each issue of ATV World, the top three entries will be chosen and published either in print or online. The top three entries will then be placed into a drawing to take place February 20, 2017 for the chance to win a KFI SE45 Stealth Winch, courtesy of KFI Products.



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