With enough room to take the whole family out for a river crossing, down a trail or even a massive Texas size mud hole. The Woods Cycle Country Polaris RZR XP 4 1000 High Lifter is a beast. No matter where you are planning to ride or what type of terrain you plan on shredding, one thing is for sure this 2019 Woods Cycle Country Polaris RZR High Lifter Edition is nothing short of impressive, cool, tall and in charge and everyone that sees it will agree. If you don’t think you will stop traffic for a better inspection, think again. Behind the hoop in this buggy you feel that you are one of the coolest people alive.

Right out of the crate the stock version of
this unit is a very capable “do any” type of off-roading. Most would be
completely satisfied with this special edition unit. That is unless you are the
crew from one of the biggest off-road dealerships and customizing kings, Woods
Cycle Country in New Braunfels, Texas. The phrase “everything is bigger in
Texas” is true when looking at some of the custom jobs the Woods Cycle Country group
have done.


This build starts off with a very capable side-by-side mudder directly from the factory, the Polaris RZR XP 4 1000 High Lifter Edition. This special edition comes with a 110 HP ProStar HO 999 motor; Walker Evans shocks with stiffer springs all around to make it a very good riding buggy no matter where you’re riding. To help tackle mud holes the High Lifter package includes high mounted intakes and vent lines, 29.5” High Lifter Outlaw 2 mud tires, hi-clearance arms and rods, and features a 55% lower low gear to get you through the mud. Another key feature of this High Lifter edition is a whopping 15” of ground clearance. If by chance you do get stuck in the mud a 4,500lb winch and a beefy front bumper are included.


A full 15” of ground clearance is good but the Woods Cycle Country crew felt that 38” is better for going through deep holes with water and mud. The first step to getting to the 38” of clearance is a High Lifter 8” Big Lift kit and High Lifter 4” Portal Gear Lift.

The 44 Magnum Outlaw 3’s are the largest available ATV industry mud tire on the market.

The 8” lift kit comes with shock relocation brackets, front and rear heavy duty High Lifter Springs, additional brake line, steering stops, four custom heavy duty Max Clearance Arms with heavy duty support gussets and shock mounts, a full set of heavy duty Max Clearance Radius Bars with Spherical Bearings plus all the needed hardware and brackets with a step-by-step detailed photo instruction. Another key piece included in the High Lifter 8” Big Lift kit is four High Lifter Outlaw RCV Axles. These axles are made in the USA, manufactured by RCV Performance.

The High Lifter 4” Portal Gear features a
30% gear reduction provides you with more low end torque and gives more power
to the ground all while gaining an extra 4” of ground clearance and giving you
improved braking performance.


Woods Cycle Country felt that this was the perfect time to install the newly released High Lifter 44” Magnum Outlaw 3 tires. These 44’s ride smooth with their tractor lug design with steep leading edge lugs that aggressively dig through the toughest mud and are nicely wrapped around a four of MSA’s 24” M34 Flash Wheels. The M34’s are gloss black milled wheels complete the large and in charge Woods Cycle Country RZR XP 4 1000 High Lifter Edition.


What is a “build” without a sound system? A ProBox Audio Roof 1000PRC with package #1 was quickly installed to finish off this build. The 1000PRC is a very durable roof with a sounds system. Manufactured from multiple layers of 1/2” of a waterproof fiberglass composite and then sealed with ProBox’s own Armor Coating.  The sound system features a wireless Bluetooth media control centre, 6.5” marine speakers x2, 6” x 9” marine speakers x2, amp plate, dome lights x2, zipper pocket. The ProBox Audio Roof 1000PRC also doubles up as a light bar with a TR-40 front LED light bar and a CSR-6 rear light bar. 


The group from Woods Cycle Country have now pushed the Polaris RZR XP 1000 High Lifter Edition to the next level. Rolling in on with this type of lift on 44’s with the music cranked easily draws a lot of attention and worship from everyone.