It was that time of year again, and luckily for us HighLifter extended the invitation to join them at Quadna Mountain Park to be part of the 2019 HighLifter Quadna Mud Nationals! Arriving in Hill City, Minnesota we got the opportunity to enjoy VIP day and the scheduled ride. We were excited to see what the rest of the 3 day total event held, with endless trail systems, an obstacle course, sled pull, mud bogs, a poker run, and nightly concerts. One of the Quadna Mountain Park owners Mark Warnert went out of his way to make sure ATV World Magazine had its own ride for the event. It was awesome meeting the variety of friendly people, and nice seeing so many families enjoying such a fun event. It took about a week to finally get all that mud washed out from behind our ears, and clothes back to their normal color, but you can bet we will be out there again next year!

It was bumper to bumper at the VIP Day Ride
We’d like to applaud the individuals in charge of trail signage. It was impossible to get turned around.
The best rides have the best sound systems and Rockford Fosgate RZR definitely could be heard from a far!
Exclusive Club – All those that didn’t make it through the first day joined it!
There are some great views to be had at the Quadna Mountain Summit
High Lifter introduced their huge 44″ Magnum Outlaw 3 tire at the Quadna Mud Nationals
The first path cut through the obstacle course always sets the bar
It’s all about balance on the seesaw, and we were shocked of how well this guy did with a loaded cooler sloshing around
Some buggies were just more capable than others, and some just made a bigger mess
Not everyone made it through Mud Nats unscathed. Unfortunately some had to be pushed onto their trailers
The courses were awesome and laid out well which made for some great racing
Believe it or not, this guy didn’t win the race
There was a lot of racing to take in!
Water holes were DEEP
Parking for the events filled up well before the flag dropped
Nothing says Patriotism like overalls!
High Lifter brought all their hardware to Quadna
There were some one-off custom mud buggies shredding it up!
Quad Logic had their new race car at the event
One of the best events was the Sled Pull
It was hard not to get wet watching the Mud Bog. Racers had all sorts of different lines navigating the depths
We were shocked when this guy made it through the mud hole!
The High Lifter Quadna Mud Nationals is a great weekend for the whole family
Every race had the spectators waiting for them to sink
Some take the mud bog with ease, and some get in a little over their heads… In more ways than one!