Orange Crush Product List

As the saying goes; Orange is the new black.  We have noticed that the aftermarket companies have gravitated to Orange, and have some great offerings. We had a look around our shop and felt like it was time to give the General a make over and some Orange bling.  Thanks to our friends at HMF, Assault Industries, Wheel Pro, EFX Tires, Tiger Tail and Kimpex we present to you The Orange Crush.

The foundation to this build was the 2017 Polaris General 1000. If you are not up to speed on the General 1000, it is a utility unit derived from its cousin the RZR 1000, sharing some of the sporty feel and look with a very comparable 100HP 999cc engine however, stands alone from RZR with an impressive 1,100 lb payload capacity and 1,500 lb towing capacity.  The General is a perfect mixture of work and play. The sporty side of the General comes from the Fox Podium Q3 suspension with over 12” of travel and ground clearance along with the fit and finish you would typically see in a sport unit like the seats, steering wheel and gauge cluster. Then when you get to your work site the large rear dump box, standard 2” receiver, and payload capacity takes over and you are now ready to get the job done.

Defender HD Deluxe Front Bumper, Polaris General

Add some added insurance and colour to the front of your unit with HMF’s Defender HD Deluxe Front Bumper. This bumper is made out of .095” steel tubing, weighing only 24lbs, and comes in a variety of colour options to match your machine. The Defender Deluxe bumper has the option to mount winches up to 4,500lbs and also works with UTV fairleads and LED lights. Pick your colour at

Defender Rear Bumper, Polaris General

As the saying goes no glove no love, well the same should go with your side by side when it comes to protection. Add HMF’s rear bumper to your Polaris General 1000 and extend the life span of your machine.  This bumper is made out of .095” steel tubing and comes in a variety of colour options to match your machine.  It easy mounts to the frame and prevent one of your friends from rear-ending you on the trails. More details

HMF Gen 3/3.5 Optimizer

Purchased an HMF exhaust and loving that sound why not add HMF’s Gen 3/3.5 Optimizer to go with it. This is a pre-programmed tuning system that provides the best setting for your HMF exhaust. It has a push button interface, plug and play installations, full range of tuning, and does not need a CPU or Dyno. To go with its easy installation is its ability to mount virtually anywhere and is waterproof. Go to www.hmfracing.comand purchase the Gen3/3.5 Optimizer today!

HMF Polaris General Performance Dual Full Exhaust System

Love the sound of an aftermarket exhaust, but not sure what brand to attach to your buggy? HMF Performance or Titan Series exhaust gives you the bark and performance you need out of your exhaust system. Aesthetics finally meets utility and performance, HMF’s Blackout Edition gives your exhaust a blackout head pipe, inlet, and end cap while also giving a high temperature ceramic coating for added impact strength and resistance to abrasion, corrosion, and chemicals. Head over to www.hmfracing.comfor more details.

Kimpex 4500 lbs Winch Kit

If you don’t have a winch on your machine, our question for you is why not? Make it easier to get out of a sticky situation with Kimpex’s 3500 lbs Winch Kit. This winch gives you a pulling capacity of 3,500lb, wireless distance remote, steel drum, 6 gauge wires, and aluminium hawse. Also included in the kit is a handlebar mounted mini rocker switch, cable length of 49’, free spool system, and even a one-year warranty. Its fun to ride in the mud, but its not fun to leave your machine behind because you don’t have a winch.  Order your Kimpex 3,500lbs winch kit at

Tiger Tail

Everyone always needs a helping hand, especially on the muddy days or just when your buddy thinks he can cross the swampy creek.  Make towing easy with TigerTail’s high quality UTV/ATV retractable 12 foot towrope, with a break strength of 12,000 lbs.  TigerTail mounts to your hitch for easy installation, with no wires or electrical parts, its retractable design provides a quick, easy, and clean use for towing out your fellow rider. TigerTail is designed with a fully sealed and lubricated mechanism that has been tested over 14,000 cycles. Purchase your TigerTail today at


Looking to add some style to your machine or just sick of the stock rims that your UTV came with. Wheels Pro KD KMC XS 234 rim is a lightweight rim that stands out from the rest with its desert inspired bead lock design, classic eight spoke deigns, and removable billet ring cap that is available in a variety of colours to match your machine. The Wheels Pro KD KMC XS 234 rim is available in satin Black and in Satin Grey.  For further details and rim size for you’re Side-by-Side go to

EFX MotoHammer UTV Tires

Love the tire style/look that are on the BAJA trucks, we recommend checking out EFX’s MotoHammer UTV Tire. This is a superior hard pack traction tire that is engineered to give the best contact, superior traction, and radial performance. The EFX MotoHammer also includes a shoulder tooth lug that grabs and grips when rallying the twisty trails.  Built with a 8-ply carcasss and re-engineered soft compound that adapts to your terrain. Check out the EFX MotoHammer UTV Tire at;


When a pair of mirrors look this good, you have to pick up a pair for your side by side! The Assault Industries Explorer Series UTV Side Mirror are built for the outdoors adventurist. Made out of high impact polymer for durability on the tighter trails. Included in the box are clamps, which can mount around 1.5”, 1.75” and 2” roll cages, hardware, side mirrors, and bezels. Once you strap these mirrors on you will fall in love with its visually interesting and well-engineered aesthetics, the Explorer Series Side Mirrors from Assault Industries are a must. Check them out at;


We love items that are easy to install and gives our machines a customized look that stands out from the rest. Assault Industries HellFire General Front Grill is a OEM replacement grill that provides better airflow to your vehicles intercooler/radiator.  Available in a variety of powder coated finishes that keep the grill looking sharp! Pick the colour scheme for your Polaris General at;


Can never have enough comfort when it comes to riding, adding Assault Industries Ballistic D Steering Wheel with fixed hub kit will add high performance styling and driving comfort for your side by side. Crafted with genuine leather and designed with the Ballistic D steering wheel design adds extra knee clearance.  Compared to the stock wheels the Assault Industries Ballistic D wheel has superior rigidity, strength, and has sport grips at 10 & 2, giving you better grip on the bumpy terrain. More details at;