ATV World Riders Search Out Gems Along the Southern Route of the Eastern Ontario Trail Alliance

One of the most frequently asked questions we get at ATV World is: “Have you ever done any overnight-saddle bag rides, and if so where do you go?” Well as a matter of fact, yes we have. Most of the time such rides occur in the southern or midwest region of the United States. The rules there are much more lenient when it comes to off-road vehicles and the roads you can travel to access designated trails. By design, this allows adventure riders like us to utilize access roads and reach more trails to go further. With ATV World being based in Ontario Canada, and with the new legislation recently passed allowing more access to road travel and thereby opening up long distance type tours, we made a conscious decision to focus our attention on the travel segment of the ATV/UTV market in Ontario. With this in mind, we set out to wander Ontario’s Highlands for three days and two nights, leaving the truck and trailer behind, and see what cool and interesting things we could find on the trails. In the few days we were there, we came across some amazing scenery, the smallest jail in Ontario, a completely renovated train station, a collection of historical artifacts, and of all things – a junk yard.

Story and Photos by Matt Clark

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