Finntrail Speedmaster 5200 Boots

Finntrail has brought us boots that have reached the highest performance criteria in comfort and endurance. With maximum protection and a ‘sneakers’ level of comfort, they are made of synthetic leather and a damage-resistant and durable fabric with a Kevlar weave preventing any tears. The model provides strong ankle support and the boots are equipped with a rubber sole with maximum adhesion to each type of surface. Sand and mud do not stick between the elements of a rubber outsole thanks to the special mud-free tread patterns. Fits ATV & UTV riders perfectly. Visit

Lifter Control Arms

Are you finding that you are hitting some of the bigger obstacles on the trail? Why not added some extra clearance to your machine and take out the worry of not making it over obstacles. High Lifter’s Max Clearance Suspension Components have been engineered to obtain the maximum amount of clearance in a specific area of the ATV/UTV. The control arms are tested in extreme environments and built to last. Powder-coated in most OEM colors and can even be done in a custom color per your request. All Max Clearance Control Arms have a lifetime warranty. Make sure to head over to

Ultimax XP Belts

Get superior performance out of your machine with Ultimax XP Belts by Timken. Ultimax’s XP belt is designed for modern high-performance vehicles and is backed by a 3-year warranty. The XP Belt is designed to provide better consistency and great resistance to cracking because of its high temperature rubber compound.  Ultimax belts has a formulated rubber compound that is engineered for added strength, reliability, and extreme performance that is found in no other ATV/UTV belt, which is why they stand out from the rest.  If it can handle the brutality from top race machines, then it can handle what you put it through on the trails.  Further details on Ultimax XP Belts by Timken at

Predator Tire

It’s like being a child again, when you see that dirty mud puddle you just have to jump into it! Well things haven’t changed much, now we attempt the jump while riding an ATV or UTV. Be prepared for the mud with the Kimpex Mud Predator Tire. The Mud Predator Tire has a directional tread pattern that is designed with deeper and wider bars that give you better control on rough terrain or through the mud with its widely spaced tread bars. These specifically designed tread bars also provide self-cleaning keeping the mud from building up. Check out for the Mud Predator Tire.

Am Maverick X3 Turbo Full Single Exhaust System

Wanting to save some weight while also adding some bark to your Can-Am Maverick X3 Turbo?  Barkers Performance Full Single Exhaust System is the one for your machine. Barkers exhaust is 17lb lighter over stock, has zero modifications to stock plastic while also maintain all stock heat shielding, and is a clean, no maintenance system. Give your Can-Am Maverick X3 Turbo some character with Barker’s Full Single Exhaust system. Go to


Wrap around your clutch one of Dayco’s top performing belts this season. With Dayco belts specifically designed to provide top performance at any RPM and high temperature polymer reinforcements, there is nothing they cant go through. Always pack a spare belt ALWAYS, don’t want to be that guy stranded on the side of the trail.  Find your belt at


Are you looking for arm ripping power for your XP turbo, and you want it done the right way? This kit delivers industry leading horsepower gains on the stock fuel injectors. It includes all necessary components to correctly add horsepower in one easy to install package.  Bikeman starts off with their custom tunes for the Bully Dog GT which gives you the most power out of this kit. Their custom tuning is proven to provide the highest horsepower in the industry while still maintaining reliability and all safety parameters. Also included in this kit; a billet diverter valve, Nig Mo Slip-on, and a Stage 1 Clutch Kit. For further details, head over to

Defender Front Bumper

As the saying goes, “No glove no love!” The
same should be said for your side-by-side and ATV when it comes to protection.
Add HMF’s Front Defender bumper to your ATV or Side-by-Side and extend the life
span of your machine. This bumper is made out of .095” steel tubing and comes
in a variety of color options to match your machine. HMF’s Defender Front Bumpers
are the ultimate off-road protection, showing versatility in both strength and
functionality. With LT, HD, and U4 bumpers available on popular UTV’s &
ATV’s, HMF would like to remind you that the aftermarket world WILL
always be one step ahead of the rest. Head over to and find your Defender
Front Bumper today!