ARGO expands on its go-anywhere guarantee for 2020 with a compelling line-up of 20 Xtreme Terrain Vehicle (XTV) models that includes 6 all-new models, new 950 and 850-Series engines, and more innovative improvements. They’re joined by five All-Terrain Vehicles (ATV) boasting improved suspensions, more features and added colors. Together they comprise most comprehensive line-up of extreme terrain vehicles ever produced, from a company that’s pioneered off-road adventure for more than 50 years.

All-new for 2020, the Frontier line of 6- and 8-wheel XTVs match ultimate value with the newest technology. Derived from the Aurora line that debuted last year, the six Frontier models offer automotive-inspired bodies, more spacious seating, new controls, the ARGO Progressive Steering (APS) steering system, deluxe gauges and more. The result is a new level of comfort and driving confidence on land and water, at a price that can’t be beat.

The top-of-the-line Aurora family expands to nine models for its second season and is highlighted by new “big block” 850 and 950 V-Twin EFI engines that deliver 33- and 40-hp for go-anywhere power and performance. With premium seating, APS for effortlessly smooth cornering, and ultimate cargo capacity, an Aurora is the ultimate amphibious vehicle for riders who want the highest level of comfort and performance.

Mud lovers who like to play dirty will find their match in the new Aurora Bigfoot MX8, which comes equipped with all-new 25-inch Mud tires with improved propulsion in water. It also features 9-inch aluminum bead lock rims, 950 EFI engine, smooth-steering APS and the ability to motor through the thickest mud on earth.

New for 2020, the Aurora SX-R and Responder-R models come standard with a new Roll Over Protection Structure (ROPS).

The Frontier and Aurora machines are joined by the Conquest Outfitter and PRO line-up to comprise the world’s most successful line of amphibious XTVs, with a full range of engine and transmission options, 6- and 8-wheel platforms, hunting packages and other custom accessories.

ARGO’s Xplorer line of premium ATVs gets even better for 2020, with improved suspension performance for enhanced handling; LED “eyebrow” lights on select models; new colors; and painted black body panels.

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