If you’re looking for a solid off-road tire for your UTV or side-by-side that doesn’t break the bank, Atturo’s Trail Blade SxS Tires are just what you want. Available in popular 14- and 15-inch diameter sizes, the tires are covered by a 24-month Trail Hazard Protection Program. An industry first and exclusive to Atturo, the program covers Trail Blade SxS Tires used on pavement, open fields, rocks, sand, and even trails—virtually anywhere you can go in your vehicle. That makes the tires an even better value.

Other features include eight-ply steel-belted radial construction and built-in rim protectors to protect your expensive wheels. 

Trail Blade Boss SxS:

The Trail Blade BOSS SxS is the most aggressive off-road UTV tire Atturo makes. Features include:

  • Split tread blocks allow water and debris to flow through without sacrificing tread strength
  • High void ratio bites create massive biting edges and a self-cleaning tread pattern
  • Alternating shoulder blocks grab to tackle extreme terrain
  • Sidewall pattern with knife blade edges and shoulder blocks provide excellent traction when tire is aired down

Trail Blade X/T SxS:

Atturo Trail Blade X/T SxS Tires are a hybrid design that has the off-road chops of a mud terrain tire and provides a smoother ride on hardpack surfaces. Features include:

  • Aggressive sidewall tread
  • Large shoulder blocks dig in to provide exceptional traction, especially when tire is aired down
  • Siping and stud pins deliver elite traction and grip in rain, shine or snow, especially when studded