One of the big calling card of the new Polaris RANGER XP1000 is the added comfort the new design delivers. The interior has been completely redesigned and so too has the accessory cab. With an improved fit and seal, the new Pro Shield cab is said to be the best ever offered by big P. For now, we’ll have to take their word on the new cab, but the crew here at ATV World will be field testing the new vehicle and cab system this fall when the hunt is on in northern Minnesota. Until then, here the official prose from Polaris on the new system.

Designed and engineered alongside the new RANGER XP® 1000, the RANGER PRO SHIELD™ Cab System exceeds expectations. Each Polaris Engineered™ cab component has two decades of innovation built into it, and has been tested beyond military standards to offer the industry’s tightest seal in any environment. Its evolutionary fit and features complement the Lock & Ride® modularity and tool-less install. The RANGER PRO SHIELD Cab System provides a superior experience every day, year-round, no matter the weather. The RANGER PRO SHIELD designated components (roofs, windshields, rear panels & doors) provide industry-leading cab comfort with 3x better dust seal than the competition. To learn more visit the Polaris Off-Road Accessory site.