The USRA is an off-road racing organization that features desert racing for motorcycles, ATV’s and UTV’s as well as a Motocross series. The thirteen race series has been in operation for over 50 years, making for a large following of passionate racers and off-road clubs. The Price, Utah race featured three UTV classes and both the ATV A/B race classes all running simultaneously with a snow topped mountains backdrop. This type of racing is very exciting to watch with all the different vehicles on the track at the same time giving spectators a real feel of how all the different driver/vehicle makes it very entertaining to watch and see how each vehicle/driver combo stacks up.

Photos by Shawnee Cook

Robert Smith of the UTV Production Class placed eighth and ended the day with a fifteenth overall
A big day for Geoff Barnes winning the UTV Production Class and finishing fourth overall

Ballas Raddatz in the ATV A Class has been leading the points race this season and was able to land in the 7th Overall position but was first in the ATV A Class

This is the entertainment of this type of racing with all classes running at the same time. Chris Brown (UTV Production) finished in 11th overall and 6th in production class. Kyle Cook (ATV A Class) finished 12th overall and 2nd in ATV A Class. Brown has been very consistent this year and must have been disappointed finishing out of the top 5 in the production class. While Cook has been nothing short of impressive, often winning races and being a fixture on the podium.

Team and family members, Craig and Amy Griffin of the UTV Production class raced hard to a tenth overall and fifth in the UTV Production class
Garth Fransen kept the goal in site for another competitive finish in the ATV A Class ending up in forth and sixteenth overall
Robert Smith of the UTV Production Class placed eighth and ended the day with a fifteen overall
it was lights out once again for Keith Rossberg in the UTV Unlimited Class blaming first overall and first in Unlimited Class. Keith has been the guy to beat all year