Available in three trim levels, the PRO XP 4, the PRO XP 4 Premium and the PRO XP 4 Ultimate. The PRO XP 4 Premium offers features interior upgrades, a full lighting package, multi-point harnesses, premium paint finishes, and a completely new storage system. The PRO XP 4 Ultimate, complete with steering wheel controls for Dynamix 2.0, Ride Command and a Rockford Fosgate premium audio system. Each PRO XP 4 machine is equipped with front and rear half doors, adjustable sliding driver and passenger seats, expanded fuel capacity, enhanced rear passenger sightline and stock 30-inch Maxxis Carnivore 2.0 tires.

“Industry standards were shattered with the introduction of the RZR PRO XP platform, and to continue that trend, we’re excited to introduce an all-new standard for four-seat performance side-by-sides,” said Chris Musso, president of Off-Road for Polaris. “Of course, the driver is at the heart of all the action, but we saw an opportunity to revolutionize the four-seat category with thoughtful design aimed towards passengers. The PRO XP 4 delivers on this without sacrificing any of the industry-leading performance or durability riders expect from the RZR Pro class.”

Similar to that of the RZR PRO XP, the new PRO XP 4 has a lower driver and co-driver front seating positions, with a slightly elevated rear seating which helps for viewing for rear passengers, while four more inches of shoulder room and three more inches of leg room are also standard on the new PRO XP 4 models. More of the PRO XP is offered on the new four seated versions such as the interior and exterior LED lighting and blue LED accent strips that line the cockpit. Complete with dash storage and a latching centre console, as well as the industry’s first rear “fold flat” storage. The new design allows riders to fold down the backseats to create additional storage behind the driver and front passenger offering over 16 cubic feet of storage space.

The PRO XP 4’s suspension components are upgraded with tubular diameters that match the RZR XP Turbo S with a 14.5” ground clearance. The drivetrain is also taken from the PRO XP with eight times stronger axles that twist up to 300 degrees. A revamped transmission delivers 39% more durability and a three times stronger front drive. Pricing for the RZR PRO XP 4 begins at $25,699; the PRO XP Premium begins at $27,999 and the PRO XP Ultimate at $32,299.