A Do-All, 64” Rock Crawling Edition To Personalize The Maverick Sport Line-Up

BRP recently released the intel on their all-new Maverick Sport X rc, developed to dominate in the toughest, rockiest terrain. A no holds-barred, rock crawling specific special edition thats centered on the do it all, multi-purpose Maverick Sport platform. Our first introduction to this high-performance, adventure loving Sport class of Can Am UTV’s was just six months ago in beautiful British Columbia. These 60” wide machines were based on the current Maverick Trail chassis but featured a wider stance and a larger cockpit. Available with and without DPS as a price point, and options for a 75 hp or 100 hp power plant.

The Maverick Sport was a perfect match for the mountainous trails, and fire roads we experienced in BC. The opportunity to test a Rock Crawling version of the machine was arranged for an equally fitting location. Lucerne Valley, home to the King Of the Hammers off road race, is an absolute mecca for Rock Crawling. The location is on a massive lake bed, that is surrounded by crazy looking rock outcroppings. The race leads drivers through high speed desert sections to connect together a handful of different well known rock crawling obstacles. Over a hundred thousand enthusiasts and racers show up annually for the week long event, if you haven’t seen it your missing out. The competitive rock crawling following is a whole culture of people that you might not even realize existed. Its hard to comprehend just how big and cool it is without experiencing it for yourself. 

BRP had the brand new Can Am Maverick Sport X rc on display for the KOH event, and they were actually letting the public demo them in their element. We got the invite to link up with their marketing team for a little more in depth ride and actually attempt to put the X rc through some of the race course obstacle sections. We had done Moab on UTV’s and even the Rubicon Trail on an ATV, but Lucerne is truly next level and the opportunity to do it on a vehicle that was actually built for this was something you don’t turn down.


The brand new Maverick Sport X rc is an all-around sport UTV that comes fully factory equipped for trails and rock-crawling. It gets increased stability from a wider 64” stance, more ground clearance and extra interior and exterior protection. The Sport X rc also gets Smart-Lok with Rock and Trail modes. The suspension is dampened by FOX QS3 shocks keeping it very simple to always find that desired comfortable ride setting. The Sport X rc also gets 30” Maxxiss tires and Dynamic power steering. Niceties like premium half doors and a winch make this one of the most well equipped stock vehicles of its kind.

The Sport X rc gets the 100 hp Rotax engine option that has been optimized for trail and desert situations. It is literally butter smooth off the bottom but packs plenty of power all the way through to the top. Intelligent throttle control (iTC) features sport with faster throttle response and ECO mode fora smoother ride with filtered power delivery and better fuel economy. The throttle by wire system can literally smooth out your driving, even when your foot is bouncing on or chopping the throttle in the rough terrain. It also offers Electronic Hill Descent Control for simple and controlled descent. 


Above and beyond all the extra clearance, protection and other add-ons, the Sport X rc’s Rock and Trail specific Smart-Lok is what really allows the machine to own the extreme terrain. The front lockable diff. is electronically controlled with a technology that ensures maximum traction and slow speed maneuverability when in challenging terrain. The Smart-Lok system allows on-the-fly adjustment, and can lock or unlock the differential at any speed. No need to stop the vehicle giving up any and all valuable forward momentum or drive. 

The electronic system pulls from and monitors 6 data inputs and quickly engages an integrated actuator with the proper load. The driver has the option to select between four modes, 2×4, 4×4 fully locked, 4×4 ROCK, and 4X4 TRAIL settings that are designed to enhance the overall experience with a customized feel that matches terrain, conditions, and demands. This system’s main focus is allowing the driver to focus on the trail while alway’s supplying the ideal traction.


Clutching is another area of concern with the slow crawling and bigger tires found on a rock machine. BRP has addressed this by equipping the X rc with a Quick Response System (QRS) CVT with electronic belt protection that notifies the driver when he should be in low range. This QRS provides smooth and precise power with predictable deceleration while oversized air intakes keep operating temperatures to a minimum.  A large radiator is utilized to keep engine temps under control as well. 

The Maverick Sport X rc is also clutched to accommodate the larger tires needed for increased ground clearance and improved roll out and ride. The X rc comes stock with 30”, square profile Maxxis Liberty tires that combine with a max clearance suspension set-up to provide an impressive 38 cm (15 inches) of ground clearance. This extra ground clearance is mandatory in the rocks and appreciated in most any other desert terrain. 


For additional clearance, the Maverick Sport X rc gets an arched dual a-arm, front suspension set up that pulls an impressive 37.5 cm  (14.75 in) of wheel travel. The rear gets the same travel numbers with Can Am’s arched Torsional Trailing A-arm set-up and a sway bar. FOX 2.5 PODIUM Piggyback shocks take care of the damping and final ride quality with FOX’s QS3 compression adjustment to simplify on trail adjustment. 


The Maverick Sport chassis is both lightweight and efficient, the X rc model gets complimented with increased protection for both the passengers and the chassis itself for long standing durability. The Sport X rc gets the same unique cage design, premium half doors, an integrated front bumper, a tow hook and incredible HMW full skid plate as other Maverick Sports. Where it really differentiates itself is with HMW protection and sliders for all the suspension components, and the front differential. HMW (High Molecular Weight) is an incredibly dense and strong plastic type material that not only absorbs shock and protects, but will also slide easily across rocks and other obstacles.

The Sport X rc also addresses the protection against being stuck or stranded with a pre-installed, incredibly high quality 4500 lb; winch. The Maverick Sport X rc’s winch comes with synthetic rope and a rock guard sleeve. The durable self retrieval system is mounted low and out of the way but offers plenty of pulling power to remove you from just about any undesirable situations. 


As mentioned earlier, we got to test the Maverick Sport X rc in one of the best rock crawling locations around. It was a cool opportunity as it’s far from the everyday driving situation one usually finds themselves in. Whats more is that we were driving machines that were obviously well equipped for it, right from the factory. To make the best use of time we opted to start with a high speed desert section that leads to some mild rocky hills and then right into taking on whats known as “Turkey Claw”. Turkey Claw is a bolder ravine hill climb that is pretty much comprised of solid boulders with very little actual dirt in between. 

First getting int the X rc you will remember how good the Maverick Sport doors are. They operate smoothly and slam shut with authority, unlike some of the competition that can’t seem to figure out a latch system that won’t open on the trail at some point. The seats are comfortable and provide just enough bolstering without hampering your ability to get in and out while scouting lines. The doors also offer multiple options for arm placement/resting while driving less aggressive terrain. Settles are standard 3 point but comfortable and BRP has even included tabs for simple 4-5 point harness installation, versus having to weld and repaint. 

The transmission engages into high or low range smoothly with the shifter and initial acceleration is also smooth and controlled. Engine noise, exhaust and vibration is closer than automobile than an off road toy, and will surely be appreciated after a long day on the trail. High range in the transmission is plenty fast for aggressive driving as its more than comfortable with 90-100 kph(60mph) range. Handling and comfort in the rough at WFO throttle is reasonably good, its not an X3, but thats not it’s intention or target market. 

We pulled up to the first rocky climb with confidence, dropped it in low, and flipped the with for Rock mode on the diff. The X rc handled the medium sized rocky climb with ease and clearly could have done it without the low or the diff lock but it definitely creates a smoother, well controlled situation. Dropping down the backside of the first mountain was an instant reminder of the Electronic Hill Descent. It is incredibly effective, controlled, and almost idiot proof. Let off the gas and the Maverick slows to a calm crawl virtually on it’s own. If your not used to this, it takes some getting used too, but overall its definitely a big advantage when driving in these situations. 

Next up was Turkey Claw, pulling up to the mouth of the trail it was clear that we would be getting an instant “real deal” test very shortly. The base of the trail looks like a river canyon that threw up an endless supply of knee to waist high boulders. Slapping it in low again, it was time to start picking lines and seeing what these KOH racers really go though. On a UTV, or probably any other 4×4 vehicle out there, Turkey Claw will have you in and out of the vehicle looking at lines and wondering if your gonna make it without major damage. Once agin we found the ease of the 3 point belt to be really nice as well is the egress/ingress of getting in and out of the cab to be really convenient. It also really helps to have a spotter to properly line up your tires and maybe boost your confidence at times. If all else fails you will have a witness to that line that didn’t work out. 

We managed to pick our way up Turkey Claw without any damage or incidents. There were however a few pucker moments where you had to back up and reassess the situation or pick another line. Traction is amazing in the Rock mode and it has more ground clearance than you realize until you go crawling over waist tall boulders. The way down is an eye opener as well, you don’t really ever go fast enough to use the hill descent, but you will find yourself second guessing some transitions that the X rc turns out to be completely fine with. 


The Maverick Sport X rc performs like a true rock crawling specific machine in its element, yet its really pretty good everywhere else in between. Its also impressive that for a complete animal on the trail it still has a full size bed for packing away the goods, and real deal towing capacity should you want to pack in a mini-tent trailer or even work chores during the week. This is a great all around machine, it’s right at home in the desert, and it very well equipped for the adventure types. It’s going to do very well and should appeal to a lot of people. The worry free, durable and reliable nature of this platform will impress the masses. Whats more its first scheduled maintenance is a year out and it has up to three years of available warranty


2019 CAN AM Maverick Sport X rc


Engine type: V-twin Liquid cooled

Displacement: 976cc

Horsepower: 100 HP

Lubrication system: Dry sump

Induction: EFI w/iTC w/EFI and SPORT/ECO modes 

Starting/back-up: Electric/none

Starting procedure: Turn ignition switch and hit button

Air filter:

Type: Donaldson AirBox

Transmission: (QRS) CVT with high-flow ventilation, P/R/N/H/L Electronic Hill Descent Control

Drive train: Selectable 2wd/4wdw/front diff lock, 4wd Rock, 4wd Trail, Smart-Lok Fully lockable differential with electronically-controlled automatic modes

Final drives: Shafts

Power Steering: Dynamic Power Steering DPS


Fuel capacity: 38 liters (10 gals)

Wheelbase: 230.1 cm (90.6”)

Overall length/width/height: 309.8 cm / 162.6 cm / 188.6 cm (122”/64”/74.25”)

Ground clearance: 38.1 cm (15”)

Claimed dry weight: 717.1 kg (1,581 lbs)

Cargo Box Capacity: 136 kg (300 lbs)

Fuel Capacity: 38 L (10 gal)

Towing limit: 680 kg (1500 lb )

Storage Capacity: 20.2L (5.3 gallons)


Frame: Surrounding Spar Technology G2 frame w/Geometric Contact Control

Suspension/wheel travel:

Front: Dual A-arm w/anti-sway bar 37.5cm (14.75”) of wheel travel

Rear: Torsional Trailing Arm TTA w/anti-sway bar 37.5cm (14.75”) of wheel travel

Shock: FOX 2.5 Podium QS3


Front: Hydraulic discs 220 mm w/twin piston calipers

Rear: Hydraulic disc 220 mm w/twin piston caliper


Front: AT 30×10-14 Maxxis Liberty

Rear: AT 30×11-14 Maxxis Liberty

Wheels: 14 inch Cast Aluminum Wheels


DC Outlet…Console 

Stator: 650 watt magneto


Front: 2 55W projector headlights

Rear: LED tail light/brake light


Colors: Can Am Red, Sunburst Yellow, White

Gauges: 19.3 cm (7.6 in) Multifuction Digital Display: Speedometer, tachometer, odometer, trip & hour meters, diagnostic center, gear position, engine hour meter, 4×4 indicator, temperature and engine lights, fuel gauge, clock, Sport/ECO modes, seat belt

Winch: 2041 kg (4500 lb) with synthetic rope

Protection: Integrated front steel bumper, rear sport bumper, HMW rock sliders, injected full skid plates, premium half doors, HMW Diff. and Suspension protectors, mudguards and tow hook

Warranty: 6-months limited, and available up to 30 months B.E.S.T coverage

PRICE: $25,999      CAN   $21,299 US