You Asked For It And Can Am One Ups the Delivery With The Industries First Automatic Climate Control.

The new HVAC equipped, HD10 Limited brings the ultimate in four season comfort to the multi-purpose sport utility Defender line. Following up on an already stellar model year of improvements to power and cabin comforts on the HD10, the Limited gets the UTV industries first automatic climate control. Just like the systems found in higher end automobiles, were talking set it and forget it climate control that controls both the air conditioning and heater systems for steady and accurate cabin temperature control.


Complimenting the incredibly capable Defender HD10’s fully enclosed Cab with a true functioning HVAC system opens up limitless possibilities for OHV use. Many UTV enthusiasts have experienced the advantages of a cab heater making those extremely cold winter days not only bearable but enjoyable. Imagine that same freedom and obtainable comfort level in the middle of summer with Air Conditioning. Think sand dunes in summer,working the ranch or even hunting in those more temperate desert like climates. Going global with amazing places like Africa, Mexico or South America,there are so many great riding locations that are overlooked due to extreme climates or extremely short ideal seasons. The potential for Off-Road Tour companies alone seems incredible, and the relative affordability of the Limited model should fit the general public as well.

The dash mounted keypad is much easier to use than the typical behind the steering wheel set up


Air Conditioning has been a topic of conversation and frequent request with both customer’s and dealer’s since the competition introduced it three years ago. It seems that with any relatively new product, if you can’t be the first to market, you better be the best. While Polaris and John Deere have been busy selling HVAC equipped Side x Side’s it seems that Can Am has been not only paying attention, but actively working to improve on it. The idea was to not only create a better, more efficient Air Conditioning and Heater, but to merge them with the UTV Industries first Auto Climate mode.

The Can-Am system offers selectable heat, Air Conditioning, and the Automatic Climate mode. The Automatic climate mode regulates the cabin temperature using the A/C, heater and airflow jointly. Like many newer automobiles, the system requires little to no adjustment past setting a chosen temperature. The efficient new aluminium heater provides 50% hotter air temps at full capacity, but the really trick set-up lies in the variable compressor. One major objective with Defender Limited’s HVAC system was to create better cooling at lower rpm’s such as work situations. A variable compressor performs better and offers more capacity at low RPM or idle because it’snot even linked with the engine RPM. Combined with the Auto Climate system, the variable compressor creates a stable ambient temperature by reducing the flow of refrigerant in the circuit once the desired temp has been reached. Reducing or eliminating the flow of refrigerant while the cabin is at the preferred temp significantly improves fuel efficiency and minimises horsepower loss by decreasing the load on the motor when less AC is needed.

The well thought out Defender cabin is 15% larger than the competition with tilt steering and adjustable seating to suit any driver


Can-Am engineers understood that in order to fully enjoy the benefits and comforts of climate control, you would need a dust free environment. Providing clean,crisp, breathable air inside the cab while driving in severe dust would be every bit as important as controlling it’s temperature. The answer was to improve CAB sealing and effectively filter any air introduced by the HVAC system.The previous Defender Cab was completely re engineered to provide automotive quality sealing throughout the entire cockpit, doors and windows. New thicker and sealed front and rear firewalls help with the full cabin seal, as well as providing an improved sound and heat barrier. The Defender Limited HD 10 features sturdy, full doors with modern electronic-opening windows and comfortable rubberised door panels. A full,automotive-grade glass windshield is mounted with a bracket system that allows it to be tilted up and outwards, locking into one of three positions for increased airflow. 

 The front windshield includes wiper and washer kit with almost two litres of fluid for muddy or rainy operation. The rear features a solid mounted glass windshield. Capping it off, the Defender Limited gets a heavy duty plastic roof with an integrated headliner and an interior dome light.A massive new cabin filter sits conveniently under the front hood allowing easy access for maintenance or replacement. Much like in an automobile, this large filter effectively scrubs the air clean as it’s introduced into the HVAC system and or the cabin. The filter can be removed and blown out with compressed air, or replaced when necessary. The Defender system re-circulates the air from the CAB throughout the system to speed up the cooling process. The automatic system opens and closes introducing fresh air when needed to minimise humidity.The systems 8 vents are strategically located for optimum heating and cooling efficiency. Four of them are up front for the passengers, two down low for your feet,and two of them keep the front window defrosted and fog free.

The two tone leather seats give off a King Ranch type feel


Cabin noise level is another major factor when looking for true all-day comfort in a UTV. Whether working or playing, one of the coolest things about a UTV is sharing the experience, and being able to clearly converse without yelling at each other is a major part of that. In a big horsepower, pure sport UTV the noise is inedible and the answer for many lies in an intercom system like the ones we enjoy from Rugged Radio. They truly make all the difference, and once you use one you won’t want go without.A full cab, sport-utility Side by Side should be a whole different story. The opportunity is there to insulate away noise, and the quieter you can get it, the easier and more enjoyable the rest of the experience can be. The entire cab got improvements to limit vibrations, harmonics, and noise transfer. Niceties like the headliner and rubberised door panels were just a few of the obvious ones.

Can-Am didn’t stop at the CAB design when looking to create the quietest possible ride. To reduce in-cab and exterior noise they developed a new ultra-quiet exhaust system, and a new CVT calibration with a 500 RPM lower shift point will reduce the Defender’s engine noise under heavy acceleration. A final noise minimising feature is the iTC ECO Mode that offers smoother engine operation and less cockpit noise and vibration. When all was said and done, the Defender Limited’s sound level or NVH (noise vibration harness) has been reduced by 60%.

The factory included and installed 4500 lb winch is a luxury that costs a pretty penny with the competition.


2020 was in fact a huge year for the entire Defender HD10 line up. Looking to improve HP, torque, towing ability, Can-Am engineers came up with a better flowing head design that adds 10 HP and 8 ft. pounds of torque.This significant power increase leaves the Defender HD10 tied with the Ranger XP 1000 at 82 HP, and leading the class with 69 ft lbs. of torque. Every 2020 HD10 Defender also got an updated power curve on eco mode for smoother operation. Another biggie for all 2020 Defender’s is the new chassis that’s made from dual phase steel for 30% increase in rigidity and a 5 pound weight drop from the previous design.

Defender lineup received a handful of noticeable updates to handling, appearance, and vehicle protection. A new suspension calibration and new front and rear arched 64”A-arms give the Defender extra clearance and a smoother ride. A new brake hold assist mechanism (e-brake) helps with restarting and shifting out of park on an incline.Styling improvements include new fascia, and are designed grill and hood for that signature Can-Am look.For increased front end protection, the entire HD10 line gets a strengthened version of the heavy duty XT bumper.


Along with it’s kick ass cab, and Auto climate HVAC system the Defender Limited gets a few other included niceties. Really nice cast aluminum wheels that come wrapped in premium 27” Maxxis Bighorn 2.0 tires come to mind, as does the limited edition seats and badgeing. Up front you will appreciate the look of the L.E.D.signature light brows and notice that a 4500 lb. winch come preinstalled, wired, and ready to rescue. In the cab you’ll find the easy to use, 7.6” digital display with a keypad. The Defender Limited also gets an 850 watt magneto that’s necessary for the HVAC system, but also leaves plenty on the table for additional lighting and accessories.


The HVAC equipped Polaris Ranger XP 1000 Northstar Edition is clearly the closest competitor to the Defender HD10 Limited. With the Defenders 2020 power increase they’ve actually got the exact same amount of HP and the same 1134 kg (2500 pound) tow rating. The Polaris Northstar has a 50 pound heavier payload capacity and an additional inch of both wheel travel and ground clearance over the Defender Limited. While the Ranger edges out the Defender with wheel travel/ground clearance, the Defender Limited features a 2 inch longer wheelbase and 7 more ft. lbs. of torque. They both have HVAC but the Defender clearly one upped them with the Auto Climate control and variable compressor.Comparing MSRP both machines are almost identical at just over $25K US and $30K CAN. The difference here lies in a few convenient features that are standard equipment on the Defender and will cost you a pretty penny to add to the Polaris. The Defender Limited comes with great sealing doors with electric windows, and a three position pop-out windshield. These are quality features that will be greatly appreciated on the Defender Limited and will cost you over $1600 to upgrade on the Northstar Ranger. A pre-mounted, real-deal 4500 lb.winch is another feature on the Defender Limited that will cost you about $700 bucks to add to the Northstar Ranger.


The press launch for the HVAC equipped Defender HD10 Limited took place at the Y.O. Ranch Headquarters in the Texas Hill Country. The Y.O. Ranch headquarters is a private owned and recently renovated, 11,000 acre piece of the original 566,000 acre historic Y.O. Ranch. The entire ranch is an amazing exotic game and wildlife “preserve”dedicated to breeding and keeping rare and endangered species alive. The ranch has some of the most amazing animals running wild you will ever see. Being that we were in Texas, you can also hunt just about any thing you want for a price. The Y.O. Ranch is home to 60 different species of exotic wildlife including Giraffe, Zebra, Ostrich,Emus, Onyx, Water Buffalo, etc. etc.

East Texas Septembers temps in the high 90’s combined with pretty extreme humidity would typically suck a lot of the fun out of exploring a massive ranch like the Y.O. Typical guests to the Ranch get tours in pick ups with raised bed seating, or in jeeps when the temps are up. Not today! We were there to test the latest Defender Model with a huge windshield and Air Conditioning. These showroom stock Defender Limiteds were probably the best machine on the planet to experience this incredible ranch in Summer Temps.

We started off with a guided, yet spirited group ride to learn the lay of the land and the trail system before being turned loose to explore. This first ride was right after an early breakfast while it was still pretty cool out but in the dusty conditions you immediately notice how well the Cab is sealed and effective the filter is. We saw probably 10 different types of deer, a handful of African type animals that I couldn’t name and a few wild hogs on the first loop. Regrouping at the end of the first loop we were turned loose to experience both the machine and the Ranch.

Taking off on our own into this crazy ranch full of African Safari animals seemed like something out of a movie. Getting to do this in a 82 HP UTV with ten inches of travel and Air Conditioning seemed more like a dream than reality. On the first loop out by ourselves I ran up on a heard of Zebra’s that were pretty tame and actually let me get pretty close to them in the Defender. The next crazy encounter was with a Wildebeest that was not nearly as cooperative or easy to get close too. Like most people, I had never seen a Wildebeest in person and opted to throttle up and give chase hoping for a little one on one time with him. While the Defender has plenty of get up and go, the Wildebeest made better line choices and smoked me through the trees.

The rest of the press launch was like driving around in a wild safari park, except that we were allowed to smash the trails at 40-50 mph versus poking along on the typically crowded tour bus. For the most part the trails consisted of fairly smooth access trails but there was also a handful of cool little climbs and declines that would have been nearly impossible in a four wheel drive pick up or really slow going in a decent jeep. The back part of the property had a rocky creek/riverbed that was probably impassable in a street legal vehicle and we could easily pick our way though without even damaging the undercarriage. Granted we had a few close calls with a couple deer at the speeds we were carrying in the fast sections, but they all survived and we couldn’t imagine a better vehicle to truly experience this place.


The speeds you can comfortably carry in such a capable UTV like the Defender allow you cover so much more ground than if you were in any other type of vehicle. We were covering an 11 mile loop in 30-45 minutes depending on the amount of wildlife we stopped to gawk at. The Defender Limited’s automatic climate control HVAC system made this whole experience just that much better. The cab is so comfortable and the scenery was so cool that we would just keep driving and didn’t even remember that is was extremely hot and humid until stopping for lunch. Walking across the parking lot to the lunchroom was an instant reminder of just how cool this HVAC system really is.

Cabin sealing and dust filtration is another place where they killed it with the Defender Limited. We drove around in dry dusty conditions for a day and a half without even wearing goggles. There is literally no dust that gets in this cab and the filtration system keeps the air fresh and enjoyable. You can spend an entire day enjoying smashing around on dusty, or silty trails and then head to dinner in the same clothes you are wearing.This machine is an eye opener and will open our sport/pastime to so many new types of enthusiasts. Off-Roading this new Defender in such a cool place was a perfect example of what can be done with it. Spending an entire day out in the woods with these incredible animals was an experience I will never forget, and really want to thank the crew at Can-Am for the invite.

SPECS:2020 Can-Am Defender Limited HD10


Engine type: Rotax HD10, Liquid cooled, Four Stroke V-Twin, SOHCDisplacement: 975ccBore x Stroke: 91mm X 75mmHorsepower: 82 HPTorque: 69 ft. lbs.Lubrication system: Dry sumpInduction: Inteligent Throttle Control iTC with EFIStarting/back-up: Electric/noneStarting procedure: Turn ignition switchAir Filter: Paper PleatTransmission: PRO-TORQ CVT w/ QRS, high flowventilation and electronic Drive belt protection L/H/N/R/PDrive train: ViscoLok QE Front differential, Rear Diff w/Turfmode.

Final drives: Direct front and rear driveshaftsPower Steering: Electric Power Steering (EPS)DIMENSIONS/CAPACITIES/WEIGHTSFuel capacity: 40 liters (10.6 gals)Wheelbase: 211 cm (83”)Overall length/width/height:320cm/170cm/200cm(126”/67”/79”)Ground clearance: 30cm (11”)Claimed dry weight: 875kg (1,928 lbs.)Cargo Bed Capacity: 454 kg (1000 lbs.)Tow Capacity: 2041kg (4500 lbs.) 1134 KG (2500 lbs.)Payload Capacity: 544kg (1200 lbs.)Seating Capacity: 3ROLLING CHASSISFrame: Dual Phase Steel FrameSuspension/wheel travel:Front: Independent Double A-Arm w/sway bar, 25cm (10”)of wheel travel.

Rear: Trailing Torsional A-arms (TTA-HD) 25cm (10”) oftravelBrakes:Front: 220 mm Hydraulic discs dual piston caliperRear: 220 mm Hydraulic discs single piston caliperTires:Front: AT 27×9-14 Maxxis Bighorn 2.0Rear: AT 27×11-14 Maxxis Bighorn 2.0Wheels: 14 inch Cast Aluminum Wheels


Automatic Climate Control w/variable compressorDC Outlet: 10 amp lighter typ in console and 2 lightedUSB ports indash storageOutput: 850w MagnetoLighting:Front: Halogen Headlights w/70 watt high beam w/LEDAccentsRear: LED tail lights/brake lightsDETAILSColors: Hyper Silver, Mossy Oak Break-Up Country CamoInstrumentation: 7.6” Display W/keypad,speedo/odo/trip/hour/rpm/fuel/clockWinch: 2014 kg (4500 lb.)Protection: Tilt up Windshield, Cab, Full doors, FrontBumper, Full HMWPE Skid Plate, CV Boot GuardsWarranty: 12-months factory included; Up to 30 monthsB.E.S.T. coverage

PRICE: $30,399 CAN