ARGO, manufacturer of ATVs, SSVs, UGVs and the worldwide leader for amphibious Xtreme Terrain Vehicles (XTVs) has opened the production doors and started to drive the all-new ARGO Sasquatch XTX off their North American production floor. President and CEO Brad Darling commented, “The excitement is overwhelming. We have spent years developing the ultimate amphibious off-road vehicle in Sasquatch.

Engineering and producing a machine with so much capability was truly a team effort and is a testament to why ARGO is the #1 selling amphibious offroad company in the world today.”

When ARGO announced the Sasquatch back in April, it put everyone on notice knowing that a company with over 55 years in amphibious off-road vehicle development would set a new level of capability, quality, and comfort. One of the key elements in the very beginning was listening to what people wanted in a commercial vehicle and then exceed that expectation.

The Sasquatch has already proven to be a category leader. From the best-in-class QX4 Crew Cab to the versatile Flexbox, and the ARGO HDT™ Automatic e-Steer™ transmission operated by a steering wheel control, which provides any driver the confidence to jump in, buckle up and go where others can’t.


With production now in full swing, Sasquatch has joined the ARGO Pro Series to offer potential customers the most complete line-up of commercial vehicles that can handle the demands of their business.

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