Polaris pretty much started this whole thing with the RZR 800 back in 2007, and has been blazing the path for the performance SxS market ever since.  That first RZR 800 was followed up by the world’s first four seat sport performance UTV, and we were already being introduced to the Extreme Performance (XP) generation by the end of 2008. The 2014 RZR XP 1000 marked another complete frame up generation of class leading two and four seat extreme performance UTV’s. Since 2014, Polaris has continued to elevate the class with more power, Turbos, and even Dynamic Suspension, but they’ve held on to that same 2014 chassis, body, and styling.

The wait is over, and a new generation of Extreme Performance RZR is here as Polaris introduces the RZR Pro XP. The next generation of RZR, dubbed the ‘Pro’ class has been designed to deliver next-level performance with durability like we’ve never seen before. “The Pro XP platform has been designed from the inside out to put the driver at the center of every possible aspect of the machine”, and it claims to be the most capable, agile and versatile RZR ever made.


The vision was for a driver-to-machine connection like we’ve never yet seen before in a UTV. Starting at the driver, the all-new seats are positioned as low as possible for improved cornering confidence and a lower overall CG. The new seats are thinner and denser than what we’re used to, and they feature multiple relief cutouts to encourage airflow and decrease back sweating. A new and improved six-point retractable harness features more retraction points with better placement that is said to keep them from unwanted lock-ups. The new “Pro” class seats are also more adjustable than any UTV seat we’ve ever seen. Polaris added a very slick tilt adjustment, and they also slide further forward and back than ever before.

How is it that they could make the seats slide any further, you might ask? Polaris engineers have actually designed a whole cab for the Pro XP, with an additional four inches of width and six inches of length. Larger drivers rejoice, they’ve finally given you the leg and elbow room you deserve. Increasing the size of the cab not only helped with comfort, but also created more room for storage. The RZR Pro XP will feature a tilt wheel function and the Premium & Ultimate machines take it even further with a telescoping steering column that can put the steering wheel in exactly any position you may want it. The new “Pro” class steering wheel is a whole other topic of conversation in itself. The race inspired, “D” shaped factory steering wheel is one of the nicest we’ve seen yet, but what’s even cooler is that they’ve built in rocker switches to control the Dynamic Suspension and toggle through the Ride Commands functions. They even included an “oh $H8T” button that gives you instant, full stiff compression for those unsuspecting g outs and other types of trail surprises.

 Speaking to the new and improved, latest version of Ride Command that you will find in the “Pro” XP, this newest offering includes a GPS antenna that allows for the Group Ride feature, with vehicle to vehicle pairing and convenient trail tracking, without the need for cell service or signal. They now all feature Bluetooth, and the Ultimate Pro XP model even comes with a preinstalled 400-watt Rockford Fosgate audio system. This stock included stereo system sounds killer by itself, and is even upgradeable to 800 watts with accessory stage kits.

 Sitting in the new Pro XP cockpit really lets you appreciate the extra room and the amount of work they have put into it. You sit way down in it compared to previous RZR models, and feel really connected to it when holding the steering wheel.  The additional leg room is great, but they’ve also improved the previously cramped “dead pedal” area for the drivers left foot. They’ve even greatly improved the cupholders.


  The all-new Pro XP engine uses a larger, water cooled turbo for more reliable cooling and heat dissipation. The bigger turbo creates more boost, helping to produce an impressive 181HP. The XP Pro’s power-band is focused on improving acceleration in the 20-50 mph range, helping drivers to maintain optimum speeds on tighter, or more technical terrain. To put this extra power to the ground, the RZR team has upgraded their AWD system for even faster engagement when the tires slip as little as three degrees.


 The current Pro XP models as of now are all three, 64” wide machines, but the new, longer and stronger one piece chassis gives the “Pro” a 96” wheelbase for improved straight-line stability and handling. This 96” wheelbase puts the “Pro” right in the middle between the RZR XP and the Can-Am X3. The new oversized ROPS cage design is impressive looking, as well as being incredibly stronger than previous RZR cages. The new “Pro” cage is built with 2 inch diameter steel instead of the usual 1.75”, and its design uses one single run of tubing from the rear to the front for additional strength. They claim to now have the strongest cage on the market. 

 The “Pro” suspension components have been redesigned for ground clearance, and beefed up drastically for durability. All three machines pull 20 inches of front wheel travel and 22 inches of rear travel. The base model is equipped with compression and preload adjustable Walker Evans Needle Valve shocks, and the Ultimate model gets the highly refined and revolved 2.0 version of the FOX live Valve Dynamix suspension.


The strongest Polaris drivetrain ever, it includes eight-times stronger axles, a 39% stronger transmission, and a three times stronger front drive, assembled on the strongest chassis we’ve seen yet on a RZR. The newly designed clutch features a new primary and secondary with increased airflow that actually pulls contaminants away from the belt. Polaris engineers claim that the new clutch design pulled higher belt operating temps to double belt life. The new clutch cover uses a much improved sealing gasket system, and the bolts are captured in the cover, so you don’t have to go digging in the dirt to find them in the event of a belt change. Thirty inch Maxis Carnivore tires put all this power to the ground. These are the largest stock tires yet to be found on a 64” UTV, and they help to create an industry leading 14.5 inches of ground clearance.


          There will be three differently equipped Pro XP models available in January 2020. All three of these models will be 64” wide, two seaters, but we expect to see other “Pro” options in the near future. We can’t wait to get our hands on one for a full review!


Starting at $27,999 CAN

Starting at $22,999 USD

Color ways: Cruiser Black or Black Lime


Starting at $29,899 CAN

Starting at $24,499 USD

Premium trim model includes Premium Paint, LED Accent Lighting
Package, Retractable 6-Pt Harness, Telescoping Steering wheel

Colorways: Indy Red or White Lightning


Starting at $34,899 CAN

Starting at $28,499 USD

Ultimate trim & additional features like Dynamix 2.0 & FOX
Shocks, Rockford Fosgate Premium Audio, 7” Ride Command Display     

Colorways: Indy Red or White Lightning



Engine type: ProStar, Liquid cooled, Turbo Charged H.O., DOHC Twin

Displacement: 925cc

Horsepower: 181 HP

Lubrication system: Wet sump

Induction: Electronic Fuel Injection (EFI)

Starting/back-up: Electric

Air Filter: Paper Pleat

Transmission: PVT H/L/N/R/P

Drive Train: Isolated Xtreme Performance True On-Demand

Power Steering: High Assist Electronic Power Steering w/Quick Turn
Rack (EPS)


Fuel capacity: 45.4 liters (12 gals)

Wheelbase: 243.8 cm (96”)

Turning Radius: 5.5 m (18 ft.)

Overall length/width/height: 320cm/162.6cm/182.1cm (126”/64”/71.7“)

Cargo Box Dimension: 66 cm x 45 cm x 29.2 cm (26-in x 17.7-in x

Ground clearance: 36.8 cm (14.5”)

Claimed dry weight: 789.2 kg (1736 lbs.)

Storage: 24580.6 cubic cm. (1500 cubic in.)

Cargo Box Capacity: 136.1 kg (300 lbs.)

Payload Capacity: 335.6 kg (740 lbs.)


Chassis: Dual-Phase grade steel

Cage: Profiled, ROPS approved cage

Suspension/wheel travel:

Front: High Clearance Dual A-arm with Stabilizer Bar; 50.8cm (20”)
of usable travel

Rear: Trailing Arm & High-Clearance Radius Rods with
Stabilizer bar 55.9cm (22”) of usable travel

Front Shocks: 2” Walker Evans Needle w/16-Position Adjustable
Clickers (Fox Live Valve DYNAMIX 2.0 on Ultimate Model)

Rear Shocks: 2.5” Walker Evans Needle w/16-Position Adjustable
Clickers (Fox Live Valve DYNAMIX 2.0 on Ultimate Model)


Front: Hydraulic discs w/triple piston calipers

Rear: Hydraulic disc w/twin piston caliper


Front: 30×10-14 Maxxis Carnivore 8 ply

Rear: 230×10-14 Maxxis Carnivore 8 ply

Wheels: 14-inch Cast Aluminum Wheels


Charging System: High Output 900W Stator w/sealed electrical

DC Outlet…12v Console & USB


Front: Signature White LED Headlights Low/High

Rear: LED tail lights/brake lights


Colors: PRO XP: Black Lime, Cruiser Black PRO XP Premium/Ultimate:
Indy Red, White Lightning

Instrumentation: Dual-sweep Analog Dials w/4” LCD Rider
Information Center, User Selectable Blue/Red Backlighting & Brightness,
Programmable Service Intervals, Speedometer, Tachometer, Odometer, Tripmeter,
Clock, Hour Meter, Gear Indicator, Fuel Gauge, Coolant Temperature, Voltmeter,
Service Indicator and Codes, Seat Belt Reminder Light, Gear Indicator, DC

Warranty: 6 Month Factory Warranty, and available up to 5 years
Transferable Polaris Protection Plan coverage

PRICE: $27,999 / $29,899 / $34,899 CAN

PRICE: $22,999 / $24,499 / $28,499 USD