Jason Shanas, Gorilla Axle

To become one of the biggest and best names in high performance axles for ATVs and UTVs was likely never part of the early vision of owner Jason Shanas. What started out as a small automotive shop, specializing in front end repair, grew rapidly as ATV popularity exploded during the late 1990s. Jason often found himself repairing ATV axles for his local customers who were passionate off-road enthusiasts, and as ATV growth exploded, so too did Jason’s ATV axle repair business. With damaged axles arriving at his shop daily, Jason grew more and more determined to develop a better solution to the often-problematic, stock CV axles. With a large supply of CV parts at his disposal and much trial, testing, and error, Shanas developed the ultimate axle in 2004, and the legendary Gorilla Axle was born. Just as it takes strength and stamina to build a business from the ground up, those same attributes are what best describes Gorilla Axle products. With business riding high on the success of those tough as nails axles, Gorilla has expanded into other product offerings in the ATV and UTV categories. We caught up with Jason this winter and got his Last Turn words on mud, music, and mom.

Last business trip you took?
Mudstock, back in October. Our favorite ride of the year.

Last time you went riding ATV/UTV for fun?
Actually this past weekend. My girls love to go riding so we go every chance we get.

Last Gorilla product idea that got you all pumped up?
We have a new axle design in the works that is going to revolutionize the industry once again.

Last only thing you’d bring to a deserted island?
My wife! Hahaha.

Last time you raced?
A couple years ago at Mud Nationals. I did the buddy run. We were killing the competition until my race bike blew up.

Last song good or bad you listened to on your iPod?
Still Counting, by Volbeat. It’s unreal.

Last tricked out ATV/ UTV you saw that “blew your mind”?
One of our racers, Mark Wise, has a custom build bike called “Rust Bucket.” The attention to detail is unmatched. If you get a chance, go to Google images and type in “Can-Am Rust bucket” and you will see what I’m talking about.

Last movie you saw?
“Hotel Transylvania” with my wife and our girls.

Last time you crashed?
Honestly it’s been so long I don’t even remember.

Last thing you ate that you vowed you will never eat again?
I tried some sushi with eel in it and it was absolutely the worst thing I’ve ever eaten.

Lasting off-road memory?
Last year at Mud Nationals. You always hear about a ride gone wrong, and somebody’s life in danger. We came up on this girl who had flipped a Polaris RZR upside-down in the water. It was dark, no one could lift it, and I was able to get the RZR off of her. It was by the grace of God that she wasn’t injured, or worse.

Last thing you read?
The bible when I need a little inspiration. It always helps to read a few of my favorite verses.

Last time you were lost?
We went to Vegas about a month ago and got lost. Big city compared to Monroe.

Last time you wore a suit?
Not really a suit and tie guy, The last time I was going to wear a suit, I had to have it tailored and that’s just too much trouble to wear something I didn’t want to wear anyway. So no suits.

Last time you pulled an all-nighter?
Usually pull an all-nighter once a week because I just can’t sleep.

Last New Year’s resolution you kept?
Last year I made the resolution to marry the love of my life, and thankfully this year we said our “I do’s”.

Last person who inspired you?
My daughters. Everything I do, I do it for them.

Last time you laughed so hard you cried?
At a picture of my wife’s dog.

Last thing your mother always told you?
You will never be anything unless you graduate from College, I didn’t listen. lol

Last words of advice?
Go-Rilla or Go Home!