At ATV World we love it when companies continue to innovate and take products to the next level.  Our friends at High Lifter have announced the launch of its newest line of lift kits for UTVs called The Gear Lift; And to say that we are intrigued, is an understatement.  KitShot

How does it work?  The bolt-on Gear Lift utilizes a portal box at the wheel hub which moves the axle center line up 4″ providing extra lift and clearance under the axle center – all the while maintaining factory suspension and angles. The Gear Lift does not stop there. The kit provides a 1:1.4 gear reduction (about 30%) by utilizing three 1″ wide, heat treated steel gears. This innovation is what sets the Gear Lift apart and, High Lifter explains that, it will increase torque and reclaim lost horsepower, that is often lost when you jack up your buggy.

“Anytime you decide to lift an off-road vehicle, there’s always more work to be done than just bolting on a lift kit and hitting the trails,” said Scott Smith, President of High Lifter Products. “In the past, larger lifts and tires have required axles, gear reductions, and more to achieve that ‘stock-like’ feel. The High Lifter Gear Lift has taken lift kits to the next level by providing a single, bolt-on large lift solution so riders can hit the mud, rocks, and everything in between. While this technology is not new and has been around for many years, this patent pending interface with UTVs is revolutionary.”

“The High Lifter Gear Lift takes UTV lift kits to the next level by addressing critical issues missed by traditional big lifts which are improved torque at the wheels, factory-like ride quality, and reduced strain on the driveline. The High Lifter Gear Lift is available for Polaris Ranger 800, Polaris Ranger 900, Polaris RZR 800, Polaris RZR 1000, Can-Am Commander 1000, and Can-Am Maverick 1000 with additional models coming in the future.”

Stay tuned, as we are for sure going to get ourClose-Up hands on this bad boy kit and we will follow up with a feature article in an upcoming issue of ATV World Magazine!

Kits retail at $3,295 and can be purchased at