Finntrail Aquamaster Red 1526 Waders 

Finntrail has you covered with these waders with a unique cut, which ensures comfort and durability. The knee and seat areas are reinforced with a new five-layer fabric with a HARD-TEX membrane. The inner part of the legs, which usually gets frayed faster, is completely seamless. The highest level of comfort and durability is achieved thanks to the combination with a lightweight fabric and a water-resistant chest pocket with a zipper, which protects against direct ingress of water and mud. The most stylish design is made in bright colors for those who prefer to stand out from the crowd. All technologies used in this model ensure long service life and comfort. These waders are equipped with two water-resistant pockets, an ergonomic fit, D-loops, drying loops, elastic suspenders and a belt with a YKK-buckle. For further details head over to

ClickNGo CNG 2 Snow Plow for ATV & UTV

Tackle the lane way in style this winter with the ClickNGo CNG 2 ATV & UTV Plow kit from Kimpex. This is an all in one kit that will make plowing the laneway a breeze, plus make the neighbours a little jealous of your set up. The ClickNGo Plow kit includes a 72” plow, universal mount plate, and extension. With a maximum lift height of over 16”, higher blade pivot point, and wider plow bracing makes handling a breeze. For more details on the ClickNGo CNG 2 UTV Plow kit head over to

Ultimax XP Belts

Get superior performance out of your machine with Ultimax XP Belts by Timken. Ultimax’s XP belt is designed for modern high performance vehicles and is backed by a 3-year warranty. The XP Belt is designed to provide better consistency and great resistance to cracking because of its high temperature rubber compound. Ultimax belts has a formulated rubber compound that is engineered for added strength, reliability, and extreme performance that is found in no other ATV/UTV belt, which is why they stand out from the rest. If it can handle the brutality from top race machines than it can handle what you put it through on the trails. Further details on Ultimax XP Belts by Timken at

Dayco Belts

Wrap around your clutch one of Dayco’s top performing belts. With Dayco belts specifically designed to provide top performance at any RPM and high temperature polymer reinforcements, there is nothing they cant go through. Always pack a spare belt ALWAYS, don’t want to be that guy stranded on the side of the trail. Find your belt at

All Weather Thermoplastic Rubber Floor Mats, Front Pair

Powersports enthusiasts are constantly either covered in mud or snow through out the year and the interior of your truck ends up taking the brunt of it all. Make clean up easier when getting in and out of your Ford with a set of All-Weather Thermoplastic Rubber Floor Mats, from Ford accesories. The deep grooves and raised ridges in these heavy duty mats catch and hold snow, slush, mud, while also protecting the vehicles carpet. Head over to and purchase a set of Ford’s All-Weather Thermoplastic Rubber Floor Mats.

Grizzly/Kodiak 700 EHS Big 3 Performance Package

Looking to add some bark to your Yamaha Grizzly this riding season? Purchase Barker’s Performance EHS Big 3 Performance Package for your Grizzly/Kodiak. The EHS Big 3 Performance Package includes Barker’s 1 into 2 dual exhaust, EHS racing EFI fuel controller, EHS Racing flow through intake lid, and EHS intake mod kit with K&N Air Filter. This performance kit adds an increase of 8-10hp and attaches to your machine with a billet round clamp. It is the perfect all-in-one performance package for your Yamaha Grizzly/Kodiak for the upcoming riding season. Check it out at

FXR Helium Outdoor BOA Boot

After a long day playing in the mud, the worst part is taking off your muddy boots especially if you have laces. Make removing your riding boots easier with a pair of FXR’s Helium Outdoor BOA Boots. The Helium Outdoor BOA Boots have the BOA Lace system, lite boot fit and performance, rated to -45C with 600g insulation, high traction outsole, and 20mm thick EVA midsole for maximum comfort. Enjoy the outdoors a little more with FXR’s Helium Outdoor Boa Boot, protection, comfort, and functionality all in one boot. Head over to

Cyclone Clutch Cover

Go from smoking hot to being able to hold the clutches for an extended amount of time only with Bikeman Performance’s Cyclone Cover. The cyclone clutch cover will help keep your clutches and belt cool. Structurally integrated into the cover, the fans keep the airflow coming when you need it the most. And the results are outstanding! While testing, Bikeman Performance saw a 40 –50 Degree Fahrenheit decrease, even on the most powerful UTV/ATV outfitted with Turbos and Big Bore kits. The Cyclone Cover maximizes cooling, decreases belt temp prolonging belt life, and is made out of 6061 Billet Aluminum. Check out Bikeman Performance’s Cyclone Cover at

Chevron Techron Powersports & Small Engine

For a powerful, responsive ride every time keep your fuel system clean with every fill up by using Techron Powersports & Small Engine, Fuel System Treatment – made by Chevron. This formula delivers three performance benefits in one bottle: Robust antioxidants that stabilize fuel up to 24-months, Best-in-class corrosion protection from the harmful effects of water (from ethanol-based fuel and storage-related condensation), and Detergency that dissolves gum and varnish build up to keep fuel systems running clean for maximum efficiency and power. A perfect stocking stuffer for the powersports lover on your list! One ounce treats four gallons. Available in three convenient sizes: 1 gallon, 10oz and 4oz. Find it at AutoZone stores and on and 

Kleinn On-Board Air Compressor Systems for Polaris and Can-Am

A flat tire on a Jeep or off-road truck isn’t the end of the world since most people carry a spare with them. That’s not so easy on a 2014-19 Polaris RZR or 2017-19 Can-Am Maverick X3 UTV with little to no cargo capacity. However, there is plenty of room on your rig for a Kleinn On-Board Air Compressor System. The systems are based on Kleinn’s 150 PSI waterproof air compressor and one gallon air tank that can easily reseat and inflate your tires. In fact, that compressor is powerful enough to inflate UTV and truck tires up to 37 inches in diameter. The Kleinn On-Board Air Compressor Systems come with mounting brackets that make installation a bolt-on affair with no drilling, welding, or cutting required. They come with a quick-connect tire inflator, locking air chuck, hardware, airline, and wiring. Head over to