What is the difference between ordinary fishing waders and FINNTRAIL ATV waders?

Off-road riding is a type of activity that tends to be much more extreme than fishing. Mud, sharp branches, and rugged ATV wheels have a severe impact on the wading gear. Ordinary fishing waders will not last very long under such aggressive conditions. To meet the rugged requirements, FINNTRAIL takes advantage of heavy-duty fabrics and materials when creating ATV & UTV waders.

FINNTRAIL waders feature additional reinforced inner leg areas, knees and seat thanks to a durable fabric with a KEVLAR outer layer. The product is cut and puncture resistant to ensure you stay dry.

The ergonomic knee was cut and designed to provide comfort while your knees are constantly bent ATV riding.

FINNTRAIL waders feature integrated removable soft knee pads helping to protect the wearer against slight injuries by fall or impact.

Waders are equipped with durable 4 mm neoprene socks. Fully sealed seams and reinforced soles have been selected for shock-absorption and comfort. Special boots are still required.

FINNTRAIL’s boots provide strong ankle support to help protect from dislocation and injury. The reliable outsole protects the foot. The boots are high cut and feature a heavy-duty puncture resistant material.

Almost every ATV & UTV rider these days likes to take photos or videos of their friends while riding. Water, mud and dirt always gets into your pockets and can potentially damage expensive smartphones. At FINNTRAIL, they took care of that. Every customer will receive a free present – a 100% waterproof pouch!