Best In The Desert, the largest off-road racing series in North America, is starting their 2021 series off strong with their first event, the BlueWater Resort Parker “425” Presented by Jimco Racing and Tensor Tire Parker “250” Pre-Fun Runs.

The BlueWater Resort Parker “425” Presented by Jimco Racing and Tensor Tire Parker “250” Pre-Fun Runs wrapped up over the weekend in Parker, Arizona after seeing huge crowds and a record number of vehicles. The two-day event saw 90 vehicles and 227 people participating in the Bluewater Parker “425” Presented by Jimco Racing Pre-Fun Run on Saturday, January 9, 2021, and another 54 vehicles and 153 people on Sunday, January 10, 2021, for the Tensor Tire Parker “250” Pre-Fun Run. 

The Pre-Fun Runs were led by Best In The Desert Race Operations Mgr Jeff Phillips who said, “We are so grateful for everyone who showed up. We are definitely starting 2021 on a high note. I’m particularly proud of how everyone behaved. I’ve never seen more camaraderie or sportsmanship exhibited at any of our events.”

Best In The Desert, its racers, fans, and the general public all complied with Bureau of Land Management (BLM) requirements including staying off the course at designated times and wearing masks whenever on BLM land. 

Best In The Desert also wants to remind everyone that starting today and running through race weekend no pre-running is allowed on the racecourse. The racecourse is officially closed. Best In The Desert will have staff monitoring the racecourse between now and Friday and any racer or pit crew affiliated with any race team caught on the course will be disqualified. 

The first race of the season, the BlueWater Resort Parker “425” Presented by Jimco Racing, January 13-16, 2021, and is shaping up to be a star-studded affair and, by far and away, the largest off-road race of the young 2021 off-road race series.