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Amphibious Electric: Argo Launches Atlas EV 8x8 XTV | GearJunkie

Raise your hand if you’ve ever been stuck while attempting something ill-advised by your friends. I think that’s about all of us!

Well, Argo makes machines that are pretty much guaranteed to never get stuck, and the newest amphibious mini-landing craft is the all-electric Atlas… and yes, it IS an 8×8! That means you’ve got a ton grip, flotation and churning power at the push of a pedal. Look out ducks, because there is a new machine taking me back to the blind!

A Deeper Look…

The world’s first fully electric amphibious 8×8 XTV. Outfitted with a single drive electric motor generating 107ft-lbs of torque, this fully electric amphibian is equipped with 28kWh of battery power with enhanced regenerative braking. The advanced hill ascend/ descend assist allows this machine to stop on and turn on a dime while on inclines or declines.

Inside the cockpit is an interactive 12-inch touch screen display that keeps you and your passengers informed on the vehicle’s status and health, with real-time reporting and a comprehensive list of integrated location and terrain mapping functions. With the adjustable front seats and room for two more people in the back, this ultra-quiet XTV allows you to go anywhere, in comfort.